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120731 After School Turn into Sexy Girl Group on 'COSMOPOLITAN' Photo Shoot [5PHOTOS]

Written By Kim Regina on Monday, July 30, 2012 | 9:43 PM


120730 Uee's Swim Coach, "Uee's Physical Condition was Very Good So She Had Good Records"

After School Uee's swimming skills were revealed.

On July 30 broadcast of SBS "Good Morning," a virtual celebrity team in celebration of the "2010 London Olympic" was formed.

On this day, comedian Park Shin Young and Super Junior Shindong were put on the wrestling team. The two said they dreamed of joining the wrestling team when they were little, but they had joined the entertainment industry instead.

So Ji Sub and After School Uee were put on the swim team. Uee's past swim coach said, "She was at a very good physical condition and she was trained well so she had good records," proving Uee's swimming skills.

Uee had been part of the swim team until high school, but she had decided that it was not her life path.

Photo Credit: SBS

120731 After School to participate in ‘Tokyo Girls Collection 2012′ & ‘A-Nation Music Week’

Girl group After School, who made an eye-catching comeback with their 5th Maxi Single “Flashback“, is expected to actively partake in Japanese promotions as both models and artists.

It was recently revealed that the girls will be participating in ‘Tokyo Girls Collection in Nagoya 2012‘ on September 1st, while the group’s unit Orange Caramel will also be featuring in the event, drawing more anticipation from their fans.

Member Nana who has actively promoted in both Korea and Japan as a model as well as a singer, is also currently a fixed member of fashion information program ‘Tokyo Brand New Girls‘, and has also been confirmed to feature in ‘A-Nation Music Week Collection Supported By Girls Award‘, which will take place August 5th and 8th.

Furthermore, After School also drew attention after becoming the very first idols to be selected as muses for global handbag brand, ‘Samantha Thavasa‘.

Netizens who heard the news responded by saying, “I hope After School will dominate both Korea and Japan!”, “Looking forward to Nana!”, “Orange Caramel is so popular ahead of their debut!”

In related news, Orange Caramel will be standing on the same stage as popular Japanese girl groupAKB48 at ‘A-Nation Music Week Asia Progress F‘ taking place on August 10th.

120731 Happy Birthday to After School Lizzy @P_LIZZY

Birth Name: Park Soo Young
Stage Name: Lizzy
Birthday: July 31, 1992
Position: Vocalist, Lead Rapper
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 46 kg
Blood Type: A

120725 After School Members Reveal Leader Jung-A as Being Close to 60 kg

Written By Kim Regina on Friday, July 27, 2012 | 7:57 PM

If After School’s Lizzy’s words are right, leader Jung-A has made a big stretch on her official profile.

In the July 25 broadcast of MBC’s Week Idol, the After School members were featured as a guest for the program’s one year anniversary.

During the corner, a look at the After School members’ official profile was done. For member Jung-A’s official profile her measurements were listed as 167cm and weight of 49 kg.

However, she was outed immediately by her other members with Juyeon saying, “That’s a lie. Hurry and come clean. She’s 55kg.” Making Jung-A laugh while showing a shocked expression.

Fanning the flames of the issue, Lizzy then blurted out, “She’s close to 60 kg!”

Photo credit: MBC


After School's Lizzy shared new photo on her official Google + page.

She said,"from today onwards the application to the fanmeeting will begin,i believe their will be a lot of applications".

She poses cutely in the photo above with her pout face,showing her cuteness!

120726 Kahi reveals she’s been horseback riding

Written By Kim Regina on Thursday, July 26, 2012 | 6:21 PM

After School graduate and former leader Kahi updated fans on her whereabouts with a new picture.

Kahi posted the above photo to Twitter with the message: “I bet you were curious as to what I have been up to? ^^ I’ve been horseback riding every day. Horseback riding is really fun. Yesterday was the first time I galloped… It is really refreshing and nice when the horse runs. Hehe. Thank you so much to the Bundang horseback riding club.”

She then expressed her longing for her fans with another tweet, “I miss my fans! Let’s meet soon.”

Fans responded, “So she’s been horseback riding,” “I want to see Kahi on TV again,” “I was wondering how she was doing after graduating from After School… I’m glad she’s doing well,” and “The picture is really cool~ it’s like a piece of art.”

Kahi graduated from After School on June 17th with the conclusion of After School’s encore concert and has since started preparing for her solo activities.

Source & Image: Kahi’s Twitter

120726 Lizzy chose herself who has the best body proportions in After School

After School's Lizzy ranked her body proportions as #1 among the members.

Lizzy appeared on the 24th of July episode of SBS 'Strong Heart' and revealed her thoughts about the ranks of After School members' body proportions.

Lizzy said "People think I have an average body proportion, but for me, mine is #1 compared to Nana and UEE" which caused laughter on set because of the self-confidence she showed.

For you, who has the best body proportions among After School?

120717 Who is the scariest group for Baekho?

After School was chosen by NU'EST's Baekho as the scariest senior group.

After School and NU'EST are from the same agency. Both groups made an appearance in MBC Music Show Champion on the 17th of July.

On the same day, NU'EST was introduced to the staff by UEE. And then, UEE asked "What kind of senior group is After School?" Minhyun replied with "The one that we respect the most" but Baekho's replied was "Scary sunbae". UEE was shocked by Baekho's answer and asked him "Baekho what did you say" and the members laughed because of this funny scene.

UEE was the reason behind Baekho's name, he revealed that she gave him the stage name he has right now. Also, in an interview, Baekho chose UEE as her favorite After School member, showing interest in UEE.

120723 IU and UEE used to be in the same agency

After School member UEE revealed that she used to be in the same agency with Korea's Nation sister IU, besides of that confession, she also talked about her first kiss.

UEE was guest on the July 23rd episode of MNET's Beatles Code 2. During the program, UEE revealed that she had her first kiss with a male idol from the same agency during Five Girls days. MCs wanted to know who were the male idols in the agency which UEE replied "There were lots of trainees in our agency including IU, U-KISS’ Soohyun, Juniel, 4minute’s Heo Gayoon and many more."  

She continued, "I have a secret that I want to keep in myself" but then, started talking about her first kiss, she said "When I was a high school sophomore, there was a male idol who was also a student but I haven't see him even after debuting."

120726 After School’s Lizzy reveals her 3-step technique to looking sexy

Written By Kim Regina on Wednesday, July 25, 2012 | 11:43 PM

After School‘s Lizzy who is now a legal adult revealed the necessary steps to becoming a sexy vixen.

On the July 24th broadcast of SBS TV‘s ‘Strong Heart‘, Lizzy admitted that on Coming-of-Age Day, she changed her concept to fall in line with something a bit more high-class and sexy.

When asked about it more in detail, the singer revealed her 3-step secret to looking fierce and sensual. She explained, “First, you lift your chin a little bit and blur your eyes. Then put your hands together, turn your body a little, and the last killer move is to wink.”

Her short lesson caused the entire set to explode into laughs, and Lizzy adorably added on, “If you make your facial expression look like you’re ready to bite the guy, I think that really looks sexy.”

In related news, Lizzy also confidently confessed that she think she has the best figure within After School, thanks to her ‘million dollar’ butt.

Source & Image: TVReport via Nate

120726 After School’s UEE & Son Dam Bi become cover models for ‘CéCi’ magazine

Son Dam Bi and After School‘s UEE, who have shown their versatility as singers and actresses, have graced the covers of the same magazine.

UEE has graced the cover of ‘CéCi‘s July publication, while Son Dam Bi posed for the August edition. The two have drawn interest as they are both talented when it comes to singing and acting, and are also currently residing under the same entertainment agency.

UEE who was highly praised for her previous role in KBS drama ‘Ojakyo Brothers‘ made a strong impression as a rookie actress, earning the nickname ‘nation’s goddess’ as well as winning the ‘Rookie Actress Award’.

The singer has also secured the MC position on KBS music program ‘Music Bank‘, and she along with the rest of the After School members have made a fierce comeback to the K-Pop scene with their 5th maxi single, ‘Flashback‘.

Likewise, label mate Son Dam Bi has also secured her niche in the acting world through her MBCdrama ‘Light and Shadow‘ playing the role of Yoo Chae Young.

With the news of the soloist getting ready to make her comeback to the music scene, fans are highly anticipating her new album for the singer has once again teamed up with Brave Brothers, who has written hit songs for her in the past.

Pledis Entertainment remarked, “They are both masters when it comes to putting in effort. We will work hard as their agency to help them to further shine in the future.”

Netizens who heard the news remarked, “Both are so talented, and they’re from the same agency“, “Both are on the front of the magazine?“, “Their agency must be so proud!”, and more.

120723 After School’s Raina doesn’t know how she once woke up naked?

On July 23rd, After School‘s Raina guested on Mnet‘s ‘Beatles Code 2‘ and revealed that she had once woken up naked without herself knowing.

Singer/actor Tak Jae Hoon first brought up the subject by revealing that his preferred article of clothing for bed time was his birthday suit.

Raina replied by revealing, “I don’t wear much to bed myself. I once woke up completely naked, and I still don’t know how that happened. I found myself lying on my bed naked when I woke up.”

The MCs couldn’t help but ask if she had gone to bed drunk, to which she flatly denied, “No. I really don’t know why.”

Her roommate and fellow member Nana added, “I don’t remember seeing her taking off her clothes to sleep. As for myself, I find it uncomfortable wearing my underwear to bed.”

Source + Photos: Mydaily via Naver

120725 After School’s Jooyeon shares her opinion on the ‘spread leg dance’ in “Flashback” choreography

The ‘spread leg dance’ from After School‘s “Flashback” choreography received some flak for being too sexually suggestive for TV earlier on, and in response, Jooyeon shared her opinion while guesting onMnet‘s ‘Beatles Code 2‘.

On the July 23rd episode, MC Shindong brought up the topic of the dance when he stated, “There are differing opinions on [the dance], with some thinking that it’s sexy and others thinking that it’s embarrassing to watch.”

Jooyeon replied, “We don’t think it’s weird at all. We think it looks cool… It’s a hard dance because you have to sit down low making it hard to maintain balance,” expressing her pride in the choreography the members worked hard to perfect.

Source + Photos: Mydaily via Naver


After School's Nana flaunts her perfect figure for the making film of Juvis' promo video.

She is seen posing professionally during the photoshoot,showing off her perfect figure confidently.

Check out the clip below for more details!


Written By Kim Regina on Tuesday, July 24, 2012 | 9:22 PM

f(x)'s Victoria and After School's Lizzy tried to pose sexily on Star King.

Who do you think did better in posing sexily?Victoria of Lizzy?

120725 After School's Nana is afraid she will have belly fat with her weight gain

After School's Nana is worried with her recent weight gain. On the recent episode of MBC "Weekly Idol" the girls of After School were the guest and on the show they talked about their actual weight. Nana was frank and revealed that she gained weight.

Nana was previously 48 kg and she revealed that now she is 51 kg. She gained 3 kg which is about 6.6 lbs. She revealed, "I feel much heavier, ive been eating a lot of rice recently and now I weight 51 kg, Im worried im going to have belly fat". However, Nana is 171 cm tall so im pretty sure there wont be much change in her physical appearance with her recent weight gain. Nana shared, "Im going to exercise really well now".

Source: Newsen

120724 Lizzy Merasa Paling Seksi di Antara Member After School

Mungkin ada banyak tubuh seksi di After School tetapi bagi Lizzy tidak ada keraguan dalam pikirannya bahwa ia lah yang paling seksi.

Dalam episode tanggal 24 Juli dari SBS Strong Heart, Lizzy akan mengurutkan member After School berdasarkan pada tubuh mereka.

Yang pertama tak lain adalah Lizzy sendiri dengan ia mengatakan, “Banyak orang berpikir saya memiliki tubuh standar yang mana saya sembunyikan oleh UEE unnie dan Nana unnie tapi tubuh saya sebenarnya ada di peringkat pertama.”

Secara khusus, Lizzy menyatakan keyakinannya akan bokongnya dengan berkata, “Bokong saya terutama adalah yang senilai satu juta”.

Rincian tentang peringkat dan alasannya akan terungkap ketika episode ini mengudara di SBS pada 24 Juli.

source: enewsworld

120724 Sejak Kahi Tidak Ada, Tidak Ada Lagi Yang Mendisiplinkan Member After School

Karena tidak adanya Kahi, tidak ada lagi yang mendisiplinkan After School saat ini.

After School membuat penampilan pada ulang tahun pertama MBC Every1's 'Weekly Idol'. Gadis-gadis berbicara tentang kepergian Kahi.

E-Young menceritakan bahwa sejak Kahi, mantan pemimpin meninggalkan grup, tidak ada yang mendisiplinkan seluruh anggota After School.

MC Jung Hyung Don bertanya kepada E-Young, "Sejak Kahi bukan bagian dari After School sekarang, Saya ingin tahu siapa yang mendisiplinkan anggota". E-Young menjawab "Awalnya, UEE unnie yang mengawasi kami dan memberitahu kami bahwa kami harus mengawasi diri sendiri, tapi sekarang, kedisiplinan menjadi kurang."

Anggota lain mendukung E-Young dengan mengatakan "Sebelumnya, semuanya teratur saat masuk kedalam mobil dan mencuci rambut kami, tetapi itu semua adalah masa lalu sekarang".

Episode penuh akan disiarkan pada tanggal 25 Juli.
sumber : dkpopnews

120724 Lizzy After School Terlihat Cantik Dengan Memamerkan Dahinya

Lizzy After School meluncurkan selca baru di akun Twitter pribadinya

Dia terlihat berpose dengan penuh percaya diri dan mengungkapkan dahi kecilnya. Lizzy terlihat mengenakan pakaian coklat yang dilapisi jaket hitam.
sumber : Twitter Lizzy
credit : dkpopnews

120723 UEE After School Melakukan Sedikit Kesalahan di 'Music Bank'

UEE After School melakukan kesalahan pengucapan nama sebuah kelompok yang baru memulai debutnya, C-CLOWN.

Pada siaran 20 Juli KBS 2TV 'Music Bank', UEE sebagai MC, bertanggung jawab untuk memperkenalkan artis rookie tersebut. Namun, dia membuat kesalahan dalam mengucapkan nama mereka, dia menyebutnya sebagai "C-CLOWNED" bukan "C-CLOWN".

Menyadari kesalahannya, ia mencoba untuk menangani situasi dengan cepat mengoreksi dirinya sendiri. "Ini adalah C-CLOWNED, tahap C-CLOWN". MC Lee Jang Woo, menekankan nama yang benar dengan mengulanginya sekali lagi.

Sayangnya, kesalahan UEE tidak hanya itu. Dia tidak dapat mengingat penampilan Gilme dengan baik, dan harus naskahnya sekali lagi.

Segera setelah siaran, UEE menulis permintaan maafnya pada me2day. "Saya gugup mencoba untuk bekerja begitu keras. Lain kali saya tidak akan menyusahkan semua orang dengan kesalahan saya. Selamat, C-CLOWN untuk debut kalian! C-CLOWN fighting! Saya juga mencintaimu, Gilme-sunbaenim."
sumber : soompi

120723 After School Tampil Hitam Putih Untuk Majalah 'L'Officiel Hommes'

Written By Kim Regina on Monday, July 23, 2012 | 5:44 AM

After School terlibat dalam satu set pictorial baru untuk 'L'Officiel Hommes'. Warna-warna utama dari pictorials hanya terdiri dari hitam dan putih, dengan pose dingin yang diperlihatkan oleh mereka.

Selain foto kelompok, terlampir di bawah ini foto tunggal UEE dan Nana.

120723 Nana After School Berpose Couple Dengan Jun Jun Seniman Jepang

Nana After School berpose dengan seniman Jepang, Jun Jun. Foto bersama ini diposting oleh Jun Jun pada akun Ameblo resminya.

Mereka terlihat memamerkan hairstyle yang sama dan mengambil pose couple dengan menggemaskan. Apakah mereka terlihat seperti kakak beradik?

120719 Lizzy After School Mengambil Selca Dengan Mengenakan Jaket Baseball

Written By Kim Regina on Thursday, July 19, 2012 | 3:51 AM


Lizzy After School memposting sebuah selca terbaru pada akun Twitter pribadinya.

Pada foto, Lizzy terlihat berpose dengan jaket baseball yang ia kenakan. Di foto, Lizzy juga memperlihatkan kecantikkanya yang alami serta gaya rambut yang baru.

Fans memuji kecantikannya dan meninggalkan beberapa komentar positif mengenai mode dan kecantikannya.

sumber : dkpopnews

120716 Teknik Belajar Ekspresi ala Lizzy After School: Nonton Film Porno?

Written By Kim Regina on Wednesday, July 18, 2012 | 12:31 AM

Pada tanggal 13 Juli, After School diundang untuk menjadi bintang tamu dalam acara radio SBS Power FM Boom’s Young Street. Dalam acara tersebut,Lizzy After School membuat pernyataan mengejutkan tentang caranya mempelajari ekspresi untuk konsep lagu terbarunya, Flashback.

Di acara tersebut, MC Boom bertanya, "Lizzy, kau biasanya tampil dengan image yang imut dan baik, sedangkan title track After School kali ini,Flashback, memiliki konsep seksi. Apakah sulit untukmu beradaptasi dengan konsep yang baru?"

Kemudian Lizzy pun menjawab, "Aku sempat sangat tertekan saat harus berpura-pura seksi padahal aku tak merasa seksi. Aku bertanya padaUee unnie tentang bagaimana cara untuk menjadi lebih seksi. Ia menyuruhku untuk berpikir hal yang dewasa yang seksi, maka aku mulai menonton video dewasa (porno)."

Terkejut dengan pernyataan Lizzy, Uee mengatakan, "Yang kumaksud waktu itu agar dia melihat video-video Beyonce atau artis-artis lain yang berekspresi seksi." Uee kemudian bertanya, "Kamu benar-benar menonton video porno?"

Lizzy menjawab dengan tegas, "Jung Ah unnie melihatnya bersamaku." Namun kemudian Lizzy mengungkapkan bahwa video-video itu ternyata tak membantunya belajar. Ia pun akhirnya memilih mengamati ekspresi Joo Yeon dan mempraktekkannya saat ia sendirian dan di tempat gelap.(soompi.com/rzm)


Written By Kim Regina on Tuesday, July 17, 2012 | 4:50 AM

After School UEE telah sekali lagi menarik perhatian dengan sosok sempurnanya.
UEE baru-baru ini ditunjuk sebagai model iklan untuk merek delicatessen penurunan berat badan, dan pengambilan beberapa adegan dibalik layar dari set pemotretan telah tersebar di online.

Penyanyi itu mengenakan pakaian ketat merah dan celana pendek memperlihatkan kulit tubuhnya yang kencang. Lengan dan kakinya yang panjang dalam gambar tercatat belum diedit, dan netizens tidak bisa memalingkan mata mereka dari “honey thighs”nya.

Dalam berita terkait, Uee bersama dengan After School sedang mempersiapkan untuk membuat comeback dengan single ke 5 ‘Flashback’ mereka pada tanggal 21.

Source & Photo: Sports Chosun


After School akhirnya bertemu dengan fans Korea setelah satu tahun.

Pada Mnet’s M Countdown ditayangkan pada 21 Juni After School tampil membawakan lagu mereka “Flashback” dan lagu yang ditulis sendiri oleh Jung Ah “Rip Off” untuk tahap comeback mereka.

Tahap comeback ini terutama menarik perhatian karena anggota baru Ga Eun tampil untuk pertama kalinya di tempat Kahi.

Sebelum tampil membawakan lagu “Flashback,” After school tampil membawakan “Rip Off” dengan pakaian hitam dan putih, topi, dan tongkat. After School menunjukkan perfoma yang sempurna dengan koreografi kuat mereka.

Judul lagu “Flashback” adalah paduan dengan suara elektronik. After school menampilkan pertunjukan yang kuat dan memamerkan kharisma mereka. Mereka mengenakan baju ketat, hot pant, pakaian hitam dan mengungkapkan figur cantik mereka. Koreografi untuk lagu lebih seksi dan menggoda banyak ditampilakn di lagu “Rip Off.”

After School memulai kegiatan untuk single kelima mereka, Flashback dengan M Countdown. Banyak orang yang memberikan perhatian penuh apakah After School akan menjadi lebih populer dengan perpisahan Kahi dan bergabungnya Ga Eun.

Pada episode M Countdown menampilakan, Wonder Girls, f(x), After School, Infinite, Baek Ji Young, Dalshabet, U Kiss, B1A4, Boyfriend, M.I.B, JJ Project, A-Jax, dan My Name.

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