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120831Who is working on a solo project among After School members?

Written By Kim Regina on Friday, August 31, 2012 | 11:41 PM

Playgirlz have long praised the singing chops of After School’s original main – but underrated – vocalist, Kim Jung Ah; they’ll be pleased to hear that Pledis is finally giving her her own solo.

On the 29th of August, Jason Park (managing director at Pledis) tweeted that the recording of strings for two songs from Jungah’s solo project had been completed, along with the tracks from Orange Caramel’s upcoming full album.

This will be Jungah’s first official venture as a solo, having only recorded solo tracks under After School’s discography.

Source: Twitter
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120828 Kahi Graces sure Magazine

Ex After School's leader Kahi graces the latest issue of "SURE" Magazine.

She is seen posing in blonde hair for this photoshoot,showing off her fierce and cool image.

Do you like her new set of photos?


120827 Orange Caramel to release first full-length album in September

After School’s sub-unit, Orange Caramel, will be making its comeback in the local music scene next month.

According to Pledis Entertainment, “Orange Caramel will release its first full-length album in Korea on September 13 and will follow it up with a round of promotions and activities. They have finished recording their title song, which will feature Orange Caramel’s uniqueness. We plan to release a music video by the end of this week.”

Orange Caramel made their debut in 2010 with the track, “Magic Girl”, and has since then released the singles “A~ing♡”, “Bangkok City” and “Shanghai Romance”. The group will also release its debut Japanese single, “My Sweet Devil” on September 5.

Source: Herald News

120824 UEE, Ren and Minhyun become rockstars for "W Korea"

After releasing the BTS video, fashion magazine ‘W Korea’ has now revealed the rockstar-themed pictorial of After School’s UEE and NU’EST members Minhyun and Ren.

UEE shed off her usual pure and sexy charms and showed chic and powerful charms with thick smoky makeup and colorful outfits. Her label mates Minhyun and Ren also show off their rockstar transformations and pull off various colored hair and outfits.

The full pictorial of UEE, Minhyun and Ren will be included in the September edition of ‘W Korea’ and ‘W Korea’ iPad app.

120822 After School's GaEun thanks fans for their birthday greetings

After School new member GaEun celebrated her 19th birthday (Korean age) on the 20th and she made sure to thank her fans through After School’s official fan cafe.

On August 21st, GaEun posted:

Jjyan I’m Gaeun.. hehe Hello hehe
yesterday was my birthday, i received a lot of birthday wishes hehe
very happy and ate some berries too ㅠ♥ keke
Really Really Thank you
I’ll really work hard in the future~
support and love me please ><♥Bbasyaa Thats all… Love you hehe BByoreong♥!!
GaEun joined After School after Kahi graduated from the group. She made her official debut through their new album ‘Flashback’ which was released on June 27.

Credit: xzmingzx

120820 UEE is a gorgeous "InStyle" girl

Written By Kim Regina on Thursday, August 30, 2012 | 10:45 PM

After School's UEE graces the latest issue of InStyle magazine.

The photos were taken in Hawaii,she mentioned in the interview," as a singer the practice time is always difficult but i really enjoy performing on the stage, meanwhile an actor find it difficult after repeating for many times, but you will feel empty after the filming. Will be filming a drama during the autumn.will learn Pilates during the short holiday."

Her interview and photos will appear in the September issue of Instyle magazine! 


120820 Kahi tweets "prettier than flower" selca!

After School's Kahi uploaded a new photo on her Twitter on 2oth August.

She mentioned,"Ended fanmeet events in Korea and Japan. It really ends now,i am very happy, many thanks to Korean and Japanese fans, will live well, hope that see all of you again soon."

She is seen posing with a bunch of flowers in the photo above showing her sweet smile.

Fans commented,"she is prettier than the flowers","miss you leader" and etc!

Photo Source: Kahi's Twitter

120818 After School bare Faces!

After School will reveal their bare faces on Star Beauty Show,check out the preview below!

120814 After School and Orange Caramel to be on Tokyo Girls Collection 2nd 2012

Written By Kim Regina on Tuesday, August 14, 2012 | 11:26 PM

After School is once again invited and will be participating in the Tokyo Girls Collection Fashion Show and this time sub group Orange Caramel will be participating too. This year's "Tokyo Girls Collection 2012 in Nagoya" will be held this coming September 1 at the Nagoya Dome.

This fashion show is the 2nd for this year and this September's fashion show will showcase fall and winter collection. The theme for this year's fall and winter Tokyo Girls Collection fashion show will be Masquerade where classical style will be infused with modern fashion. This will be a double dose of After School as sub group Orange Caramel will also be performing on the fashion show.

Source: Newsen
Written by: blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net

120814 Want a kiss from Lizzy?

Written By Kim Regina on Monday, August 13, 2012 | 9:39 PM

After School's Lizzy updated her Twitter with 2 new selcas.

She is seen doing a pouty face in her latest selcas wearing a pair of sunglasses,showing her weird expression.

Like her new selcas?

120812 After School holds successful fan meeting with former leader Kahi

The members of After School recently pulled off a successful fan meeting, and former leader Kahi -who graduated to pursue her solo career – made an appearance to cheer on her labelmates.

Speaking to the 400 fans who showed up to the event held at Seoul’s Sookmyung University, she made a short speech supporting her former teammates. “I ask everyone to keep loving After School no matter what,” she said, adding that she herself was in the middle of preparing for her solo comeback. Her first solo album was in 2011 with “Come Back You Bad Person“.

The girls of After School brought out a veritable parade of their hit performances in front of an appreciative audience, as well as a collection of unique special stages.

“This third fan meeting was made even more special due to graduate Kahi and new member Kaeun,”said After School’s agency, Pledis Entertainment.

Source: Sports Seoul via Nate

120812 After School's E-Young is happy to meet her fans

After School's E-Young updated her Twitter with a new selca.

She said,"It's been awhile having a fanmeet so it made my heart flutter hehe Come carefully because it's raining^^ See u soon♥".

She posted an angelic selca together with her message,like this new selca of E-Yoing?

120812 UEE & Jooyeon went to Psy's concert

After School's Jooyeon updated her Twitter with 2 new photos.

She said,"It was really fun.. hehe jumped so much so we are filling our tummy hehe".

She went to Psy's concert with team member UEE,the girls must have enjoyed the concert so much.

120810 After School to hold special fan meet + reunion with former member Kahi

Written By Kim Regina on Friday, August 10, 2012 | 9:17 PM

Girl group After School who made a Korean comeback this June for the first time in nearly a year has just informed allkpop that they will be holding a fan meet at Sook Myung Women’s University on August 12th.

This fan meet is a chance for the girls to display their personal talents and special stage performances their fans have never seen before. The girls are showing much ambition for this fan meet, as memberJooyeon even sacrificed her vacation time to rehearse the solo stage she will be performing at the event, and rookie member Kaeun even went out of her way to prepare a special gift for their fans.

Furthermore, the girls have also reportedly arranged a special meeting with original member Kahi who announced her graduation from the group this past June. This is the first time Kahi will be standing before her fans after promising she will take a step forward to show them a better side of herself, and the reunion is drawing special interest from netizens amongst many others.

For the fans who are unable to physically attend the fan meets, the After School members have also teamed up with Google to set up a hangout session on Google+, and will reveal a part of the fan meet live all over the world.

After School’s agency Pledis Entertainment remarked, “This is an event that was created in an effort to thank the fans who have shown their love and support for After School. I hope that even after this event, the fans will continue to further encourage the girls, and continue their unchanging love for After School.”

120810 Orange Caramel releases preview for Japanese debut track “Yasashii Akuma”

Written By Kim Regina on Thursday, August 9, 2012 | 9:06 PM

The girls of Orange Caramel have announced their Japanese debut, and it looks like they’re coming in strong with the release of the preview (“short PV”) for their debut track, “Yasashii Akuma“!

The new release is an extension of Orange Caramel’s famed ‘aegyo-cute’ style, coupled with a unique Japanese-style sound and choreography, and it sounds like their newest effort will fit in perfectly with their Japanese fans!

‘Yasashii Akuma’ is a remake of the 1977 hit song of the same name by Candies, and the full album will be released on September 5th.

Check out the adorable and super-sweet PV below!

120808 After School responds to indirect question about T-ara

Written By Kim Regina on Wednesday, August 8, 2012 | 11:44 PM

The ladies of After School drew some attention after remarking that their members get along fine without any problems.

On the August 7th broadcast of Mnet‘s ‘Yoo Sae Yoon’s Art Video‘, Yoo Sae Yoon and the girls created a UCC to cheer on the South Korean Olympic team.

Yoo Sae Yoon who sat down to discuss the UCC with NaNa, Lizzy, Raina, Gaeun, and E-Youngasked why member UEE was absent.

The girls went on to explain that UEE was busy with a different schedule, and the host joked, “Does After School have that too… Ae-Jin-Yo (modeled after T-Jinyo and Tajinyo)?”

He then referred to the bullying controversy surrounding idol stars and asked, “Is that why UEE isn’t here…?”, jokingly suggesting that UEE was also a victim of bullying.

However, the After School members burst into laughter and blurted, “When it comes to us, we get along just fine.”

Meanwhile, the girls transformed into Olympic gymnasts and boxers, shooting a supportive UCC for the Olympic team.

Source & Image: TVReport via Nate

120808 After School’s NaNa has the cleanest armpits?

Written By Kim Regina on Tuesday, August 7, 2012 | 8:52 PM

Turns out After School‘s NaNa has pretty underarms in addition to her beautiful face.

The August 7th broadcast of Mnet‘s ‘Yoo Sae Yoon’s Art Video‘ created a supportive UCC for the Olympic athletes as well as the Korean fans.

Yoo Sae Yoon began explaining to the After School girls the physical activities they needed to partake in, and the girls remarked with concern, “There actually aren’t too many members that are good at sports and like to exercise.”

Seizing an opportunity to tease the girls, Yoo Sae Yoon made reference to After School’s Japanese deodorant advertisement by saying, ”You girls probably don’t sweat that much either, since you use a lot of deodorant.”

In the past, the girls had shot an advertisement for Japanese deodorant brand ‘Rexena‘, where they boldly bared their underarms while pulling off a fierce dance dressed in sexy attire.

Member Lizzy then unexpectedly revealed, “NaNa unnie has the cleanest armpits, so hers are the main armpits,” causing the entire set to erupt into laughter.

Viewers who watched the episode responded with, “Lizzy sure knows how to make people laugh on a variety show,” as well as “No wonder, NaNa looked so confident in those ads,” and “NaNa is popular in Japan for her underarms?”

Meanwhile, After School who made a comeback with their new song “Flashback” are actively promoting in Japan as both artists and models.

120807 Uee After School goes on vacation

After School's UEE updated her Me2day with a new photo.

She said,"went to the beach for a photoshoot!took a photo at the beach!vacation mood after a long time!Ah,having happy mood!forgot everything with a new mood,hwaiting"!

She poses comfortably on a beach chair wearing a pair of shades,showing her angelic smile.

Like her new selca?

Photo Source: UEE's Meday

120804 After School Raina and Ji Se Hee @ Cover Baby baby

Written By Kim Regina on Monday, August 6, 2012 | 12:58 AM

Check Out After School Raina and Ji Se Hee @ Cover song Baby-baby video below~

120805 After School performed on M Super Concert

Written By Kim Regina on Sunday, August 5, 2012 | 10:25 PM

Check out the performance clips After School on M Super Concert below~

120806 After School performed on live power music

Check out After School's performance on Live Power Music.

The girls performed Flashback!

120802 Kaeun Japan Blog Update

Blog Title: It’s maknae Kaeun  o(*^▽^*)o~♪
Date: 31st July 2012

Hello *^^* It’s After School’s maknae, Kaeun o(*^▽^*)o~♪

Soon it will be August! The top of the heat
But, Kaeun’s waiting so~ much~ for~ August :-D
On August there’s Jungah unnie’s Birthday~ and E-young unnie’s birthday too~
My unnies’ birthday will pass and… That’s right! Mine! Kaeun’s birthday is also in August! (′∀`*) Hahaha~
Jungah unnie, E-young unnie, and also, mine are all in August so I want to express my greetings for everyone!
ヘ(*^0^*)ノHappy Birthday To You♪

Then~ since it will be the day you’ll be greeting everyone’s birthday, I will show you a nice powerful stage in return!!!
Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (´ε`*)♪

by Kaeun.

120804 Lizzy After School Penggemar Minuman Tradisional Korea, Sikhye

Lizzy After School berbagi pada para penggemarnya sebuah minuman yang sama manisnya seperti dirinya.

Pada tanggal 2 Agustus Lizzy menulis tweet, “Kyak~ Aku suka sikhye dibuat langsung oleh seseorang. Betapa manis, minuman manis. Aku akan minum dengan baik. Aku mencintaimu”.

Foto yang menyertai tweeetnya menunjukkan Lizzy tersenyum berseri-seri sambil mengangkat sebotol sikhye buatan sendiri dan cangkir. Sikhye adalah minuman manis tradisional Korea terbuat dari gandum, beras air dan gula.

Netizen berkomentar, “Dia terlihat sangat bahagia”, “Saya juga ingin (minum) segelas”, dan “Tetap dingin di musim panas!”

Source: enewsworld

120804 Orange Caramel released jacket photos for "My Sweet Devil"

Written By Kim Regina on Saturday, August 4, 2012 | 12:55 AM

Orange Caramel released the jacket photos for their Japanese single "My Sweet Devil".

The girls will release their single on 5th September,the title track "My Sweet Devil" is a popular track released by popular Japanese group Candies back in 1977,fans' expectation is high with the new release since it is a really well-known song in Japan.

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