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140320 Do Orange Caramel’s Nana and Lee Jongsuk look alike?

Written By Kim Regina on Thursday, March 20, 2014 | 11:04 PM

Orange Caramel’s Nana has often been referred to as “Lee Jongsuk’s doppelganger”.

On SBS PowerFM’s “2 O’Clock Cultwo Show” aired on the 20th, guests of the show were presented with a viral photo comparing Nana and Lee Jongsuk.

Both Nana and Lee Jongsuk attend the same make-up and hair shop, and had heard that the two were very similar in appearance with each other.

Therefore, the hairdresses and make-up artists there decided to give them the same make-up concept and take a photo of the two to compare them.

Not only do they appear similar in appearance, they also have the same spot under their under, the same blood type and even the same birthday.

Nana expressed that she was quite happy to hear that she looked like Lee Jongsuk, especially because he was so popular and loved by many. She also expressed that she was always supporting him and his works.

Source: Women News

140320 Ex-After School Member Yoo So Young Reported to Be Dating Baseball Player Shim Soo Chang But Later Denies Claims

Initial reports stated that former After School member-turned actor Yoo So Young is dating baseball player Shim Soo Chang.

Reports stated that when Shim Soo Chang left for Japan for training, Yoo So Young accompanied him. It is said that the two enjoyed a date in Japan together. Yoo So Young and Shim Soo Chang were reported to be dating for a few months so far.

However, Yoo So Young’s agency denied these claims by saying, “It is true that Yoo So Young and Shim Soo Chang know each other but they are not dating. She was very surprised at the reports. They are absolutely factless.”

They continued, “Yoo So Young went to Japan for filming purposes and met up with her friends. So it is true that she met with Shim Soo Chang because they are good friends. They are not dating and it was not a date.”

Yoo So Young put aside her singer activities last year and joined PF Entertainmentin December of 2013 to pursue an acting career. She is currently acting in the SBSmorning drama, “My Only Love.”

Shim Soo Chang is currently a pitcher for the Lotte Giants.

140320 Nana becomes the new face of brand ‘DHC KOREA’

After School and Orange Caramel member Nana has been named the “happy new face” of DHC KOREA.

After endorsing a casual wear line, Nana is using her face to promote makeup and “inner therapy” brand DHC KOREA. A rep announced, “It wasn”t easy to choose a model that has both a clean, beautiful face for DHC”s makeup and a healthy image for the inner therapy line. All the staff members agreed that Nana would be perfect as the model, and DHC believes that she 100% has the requirements to fulfill the role.”

Nana will be on DHC”s “Pore Series” and will promote for TV, internet, and SNS.

Orange Caramel recently made their comeback with “Catallena“.

Doesn”t Nana look gorgeous?

140319 MEET&GREET Orange Caramel and Submit Your Video Reactions to Win

Written By Kim Regina on Tuesday, March 18, 2014 | 10:02 PM

Here′s your chance to get some with Orange Caramel!

On March 27, Orange Caramel is coming to Mwave to join us for a MEET&GREETlive online fan meeting!
Mwave Shop will be selling its newest single album, Catallena through the group’s Mwave Shop page. The album only costs $11.99 and Orange Caramel will be selecting 25 out of 49 tiles per mosaic and signing their CDs!

We′re also asking you to submit your VIDEO REACTIONS to Orange Caramel′sCatallena music video in our Let′s Talk forum – the winning videos will be screened during Meet&Greet and Orange Caramel will be watching you and reacting to your videos!

Also, during the MEET&GREET, the members will select winners during Happy Hour and give out autographed posters.

The Top 5 supporters also get special goodies, with the Top 1 supporter getting an autographed posters, Polaroid photo of all the Orange Caramel members and a special tumbler designed by Orange Caramel! The tumblers were designed by the members, with profits going to charity – so this is a special gift for a special supporter!

Make sure to tune in to Orange Caramel′s MEET&GREET online fanmeeting on March 27!

140318 BTOB Yook Sungjae, Picture With Orange Caramel

Boy group BTOB”s member Yook Sungjae revealed a picture taken with Orange Caramel in the waiting room. (Photo : twitter)

Boy group BTOB”s member Yook Sungjae revealed a picture taken with Orange Caramel in the waiting room.

On March 15, Yook Sungjae posted on his Twitter, “Hoihoihoihoi~ Orange Caramel came to our waiting room to give us their album. Do we look alike? Go “Catallena”!!” along with a picture.

In the picture, Yook Sungjae and Orange Caramel members were posing against the wall, all making the same dance pose from “Catallena” of Orange Caramel.

Internet users who saw this commented, “All of them are so cute”, “Go Orange Caramel, go BTOB”, etc.

Photo Credit: Yook Sungjae Twitter

140318 Orange Caramel To Hold Live Q&A Event With Fans Through Facebook

Unit group Orange Caramel will be holding a surprise Q&A event with fans.

On March 18, they will be holding live Q&A session through their official Facebook channel and have a great time with fans.

This is their second surprise event that they are holding with their fans as they will be answering fans questions in real time through this event.

Orange Caramel released their third single, Catallena, on March 12 and has been busy with promotions.

140315 Orange Caramel’s Charm – It’ll Be Hard To Escape It Once You’ve Fallen!

Written By Kim Regina on Monday, March 17, 2014 | 8:50 PM

Orange Caramel”s addictive charm is hard to escape once you”ve had a taste of it!

Orange Caramel has come out with another unique concept that can appeal to the public. While in the beginning their songs might be unfamiliar, the more you listen to them the more addicted you”ll become.

Orange Caramel”s color is always sure. Many girl groups appeal to the public with sexy and seductive performances, but Orange Caramel seems to be concerned with how they can stand out more. They”re more likely to come out with a surprising and unusual concept.

They released their new song “Catallena” on the 12th, and as expected, the girls came out with an unconventional concept. They came out as sashimi pieces, something no other girl group had thought to do before.

Super Junior”s Kim Hee Chul appeared on JTBC”s “Ssulzun” and said, “I liked Orange Caramel”s comeback news more than that of Girls” Generation and 2NE1.” There seem to be many that agree with him — people who are addicted to Orange Caramel”s uniqueness. There were quite a number of singers that were singing Orange Caramel”s new song in the waiting room of Mnet”s “M Countdown”, which was held at the CJ E&M Center in Seoul.

“Catallena” borrows from Pakistan”s Punjab folk song “Jutti Meri”, and increased its addictive and entertaining aspect. Not only that, the girls danced on top of a cutting board made to look like sushi plates. Combine that with the members” cutie pie expressions, and you have yourself an entertaining and addictive performance by the unique group Orange Caramel. Let”s not forget about the interesting and funchoreography.

A rep from their agency Pledis Entertainment stated, “We increased the addictiveness of the song with an easy to follow melody. “Catallena” includes the lyrics “hoi hoi”, which doesn”t mean much, but makes the song that much more fun. It”s one of the secrets to making the song much more addictive. It”s also important that the facial expressions the girls make look natural and don”t cause goose bumps. In Orange Caramel”s case, they not only practiced their song and dance moves, but also their facial expressions. When you hear an Orange Caramel song, you won”t be hit with it all at once, but it slowly starts to grow on you. It was like that before, and as they continue to appear on broadcast television, the response will grow more and more.”

140314 Nana celebrates Orange Caramel’s comeback with a lovely selca

In celebration of her group’s comeback, member Nana updated her Twitter with the message, “We”ve finally released “Catallena.” Should I see how people are responding to the music? I”ll be looking forward to it. Make sure you watch the MV and download the song and album. Hehe be a huge hit, Orange Caramel, let”s go!”

Along with that message, Nana shared a photo of herself wearing a top patterned with lemons, acting like a curtain around her pale face, bringing smile to all of her fans.

In related news, Orange Caramel held their first comeback stage on “M! Countdown” yesterday.

1403013 Orange Caramel comes back with “Catallena” on M! Countdown

Written By Kim Regina on Sunday, March 16, 2014 | 10:28 PM

Orange Caramel finally had their comeback stage on Mnet’s M! Countdown on the 13th of March.

They performed “So Sorry” first, in which they wore cute, pastel toned dresses that accentuated their slim figures and adorned their costume with flowers on their shoulders.

Next, they performed their title song, “Catallena” in which the special adornment for this performance was sushi. As odd as it sounds, it really made an impressive performance, as the song itself was considered very unique and odd.

Catallena” borrowed a folk song from Punjab in Pakistan, titled “Jutti Meri” and incorporated it into a disco song that conveys the story of a unique character named “Catallena”, who seduces people with her odd charms.

Thus, although sushi has nothing to do with the actual song, the oddness of it all actually fit well with the performance and accentuated it’s uniqueness.

140306 Nana had a kiss in pretty selcas

Written By Kim Regina on Monday, March 10, 2014 | 7:37 PM

After School”s Nana has updated her Twitter with cute new selcas! Nana tweeted, “Kiss me,” which is also what is written on her earring that looks like a dialogue bubble

Nana tweeted, “Kiss me,” which is also what is written on her earring that looks like a dialogue bubble. She closes her eyes and puckers up for a kiss in the second picture as seen above!

140304 Orange Caramel Becomes Sushi on Rice in New Teaser PIcs

Written By Kim Regina on Sunday, March 9, 2014 | 8:20 PM

On March 3, Pledis released new photos for Orange Caramel’s upcoming comeback forCatallena. The photo showed the Orange Caramel members dressed up as varies kinds of fish, sitting on top of piles of rice, appearing like sushi pieces.

Previously on February 28, Orange Caramel also released a teaser photo, resembling frozen fish in the grocery aisle. With Kim Dae Sung also in the teaser, the image caught much attention from the fans.

Orange Caramel will release its third single, Catallena on March 12.

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