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130327 UEE likely to join Kang Ho Dong’s new SBS variety show as the only female member

Written By Kim Regina on Wednesday, March 27, 2013 | 6:33 PM

UEE is in talks of joining Kang Ho Dong‘s new SBS variety show!

According to UEE’s label, UEE has been contacted to join the show as the only female member of the cast. Pledis Entertainment stated, “It’s true that she has been contacted. It’s not confirmed, but she’s adjusting her schedule.”

If UEE does join the cast, this will be her first time as a permanent cast member of a variety show since 2010. She’s been participating in a lot of dramas, but her fans are still looking forward to seeing her on variety shows again.

Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk was also in talks for joining the show. The new variety show start filming on April 4 and will air it’s first episode on April 21.

130327 After School’s UEE and NU’EST’s Ren grace the runway at ‘Seoul Fashion Week’

UEE and Ren led the runway at the ‘2013 S/S Seoul Fashion Week‘!

The After School member and the NU’EST member got on the catwalk for designerPark Yoon Soo. UEE commanded the runway like she belonged there, and Ren took over the runway with his intense aura and chic expressions. Their label hoobaeHello Venus were also in the audience.

‘Seoul Fashion Week’ is held every March and October and is hosted by the city of Seoul. It will be open until March 30th at the Yeoui-do IFC Seoul and Hannam-dong Blue Square.

130327 After School’s Uee to Join Kang Ho Dong’s New Show

According to several broadcast affiliated staff on March 27, Uee will be joining Kang Ho Dong, Kim Hyun Joong, Yoon Shi Yoon, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, and more on SBS’ new variety show. She will be the only woman on the show.

The new show, not yet titled, will follow up SBS’ K-Pop Star 2 and is directed by Jang Hyuk Jae PD, who worked with Kang Ho Dong on Star King and X-Man.

It’s said the show will follow an outdoor real variety format and the team will leave for Laos on April 4.

The show will air on April 21.

Photo Credit: Pledis Entertainment

130326 After School’s Lizzy promises to speak in a Seoul accent in her next drama

After School‘s Lizzy shared her thoughts on her acting journey in the MBC drama ‘Rascal Sons‘ as it sadly comes to an end.

She took to her Twitter to thank everyone. She posted, “Thank you for congratulating us on our 3rd anniversary since our debut♥ And thank you for loving ‘Rascal Sons’! Ryu Soo Young oppa, senior actors, and staff all did a great job. Thank you!! I will speak in a Seoul accent next time.. This photo of me not being able to hold back my tears is a gift.” The adorable snapshots show Lizzy shedding her paper tears after saying farewell to the drama and its crew.

Lizzy has been known for her charming ‘Busan accent’, so fans can’t wait to hear her ‘Seoul accent’ in her next production. She’s also gearing up for a comeback with After School, so stay tuned for that!

130327 Son Dam Bi and Orange Caramel pose for MIXXO’s 2013 Spring Collection

Orange Caramel and Son Dam Bi came together to flaunt MIXXO‘s 2013 Spring collection!

After School and Son Dam Bi were selected as the endorsement models as well as the global models for the brand, but only the 3 Orange Caramel girls and the sexy soloist were present to introduce fans to the new collection for this spring. The ladies proved to be the perfect muses for the brand as they instantly draw eyes with their expert poses and expressions that help the apparel line shine through the BTS video that has been revealed.

Check out the video below!

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130326 Are Shinees Onew and After Schools Jung-A in a romantic relationship? Both agencies say, “Just a friendship”

Written By Kim Regina on Tuesday, March 26, 2013 | 1:49 AM

As soon as rumors of a romantic relationship between Onew and Jung-A broke out, both of their agencies denied there was anything to them. In a telephone interview byTV Report, Onew’s agency said: “We’ve never heard anything about this before. They are just friends, nothing more.” Jung-A’s agency said: “She’s been so friendly with Onew that many people know about it. It’s rather weird that there are rumors of a romance with him. On the day when the picture was taken, it turned out that they had a simple dinner meeting as close coworkers. They’ve been friends as colleagues for a long time.”

Onew, who was born in 1989, debuted as a member of Shinee in 2008, and Jung-A, who was born in 1983, started her singing career as a member of After School in 2009.

Source: TV Report

130325 Netizens Dig Up Past Twitter Conversations Between Onew and Jungah

Written By Kim Regina on Monday, March 25, 2013 | 11:27 PM

Netizens have recently captured screenshots of Onew and Jungah‘s past twitter conversations, which is becoming a hot topic.

On March 25, several media outlets reported that SHINee‘s Onew and After School‘s Jungah have been dating for about a year and released several photos of the two in Apgu-jung. However, both artists’ agencies stated that the two were just close friends and nothing more.

Since the news broke out, netizens have been keen on digging up past twitter conversations between the two idol stars. On February 16, Onew tweeted, “Amoeba Hood Concert!” to which Jungah said, “I want to go too,” and Onew replied, “Too bad [that you can't come].”

On December 14, when it was Onew’s birthday, Jungah mentioned him and tweeted, “Jingki, Jingki, Jinki, happy birthday ^^,” using his real name and displaying their friendship.

Last June, when Jungah tweeted, “I feel blue,” Onew replied, “I guess your feeling is like that of the three little pigs. Cheer up~” (In Korean, the word to express “feeling blue” can also mean the sound that pigs make, like “oink oink.” Onew was wittingly using word play). Later on, Onew tweeted at Jungah and said, “Buy me food later,” again exhibiting their close friendship.

Meanwhile, Onew has recently been caught up in yet another controversy because of his electronic cigarette smoking.

130325 Onew caught smoking an electronic cigarette?

Onew, who was recently swept up in a scandal with Jungah, is causing another stir because of photos that surfaced showing him smoking an electronic cigarette.

One of the photos released by a media outlet about the pair’s dating scandal showed Onew puffing on an electronic cigarette. Because of Onew’s usual proper and young innocent image, the photo has been a shock to many netizens.

The photos couldn’t have come at a worse time, as he just last week he was under scrutiny because of his middle finger incident. However, some netizens have spoken up in his defense to say that smoking electronic cigarettes is not a big deal.

Source: eToday via Nate News
Image: Mlbpark Donga

130326 Son Dambi and Kahi do pilates on ‘Son Dambi’s Beautiful Days’

Singer Son Dambi and Kahi took part in pilates which showed off their incredibly tight bodies.

On a recent broadcast of MBC Music’s ‘Son Dambi’s Beautiful Days,’ Kahi showed off how she keeps in shape and shared her love of pilates.

During the show, Kahi wore a tight pilates outfit that showed off her skinny body, and using a reformer, she showed off various poses. Son Dambi saw her and said, “I can’t do that. No way. How do you do that?”

But Son Dambi, true to her dance singer title, followed in Kahi’s footsteps and held the same poses. Kahi said to Son Dambi, “This pose can help strengthen your core muscles,” and encouraged her labelmate.

But perhaps the pose was too much for her because Son Dambi shared her discomfort and said, “I have a cramp in my butt,” causing much laughter.

130325 Pledis Entertainment denies dating rumors between SHINee’s Onew and After School’s Jung Ah

Written By Kim Regina on Sunday, March 24, 2013 | 11:40 PM

After paparazzi captured shots of SHINee‘s Onew and After School‘s Jung Ah sitting inside a car together and exiting a restaurant, rumors have flared that the two idols were in a relationship with each other.
However, in a press release distributed just a few minutes ago, Jung Ah’s agency,Pledis Entertainment, denied all charges of a relationship between the two idols.
“The two of them are merely close friends, not dating,” they said, denying the reports.“As fellow entertainment workers, Jung Ah and Onew have a close relationship where they advise each other. Today, their schedules matched so they were only enjoying a light meal together, and weren’t dating like media agencies have reported.”
Earlier, Korean media agency Kuki News ran an exclusive report along with pictures, quoting a close friend with the two idols that “they have been dating for one year”
Pledis Entertainment denies dating rumors between SHINee’s Onew and After School’s Jung Ah
What do you guys thing, dating or ‘just friends’?

130325 After School Launches Activities as Global Models in Japan with MIXXO

After School will be taking its first steps into the global stage with MIXXO as the brand′s global campaign model.

The group attended the opening event of the first MIXXO branch in Yokohama, Japan on March 22, starting on its global model activities before the Japanese press.

According to the group′s agency, many outlets were at the scene to cover the event, and After School′s popularity was also shown in the number of customers and sales that hit the branch when the group acted as the day′s shop managers. Over 3,000 customers visited the shop this day, and the shop even managed to exceed target sales numbers.

With the event, After School proved it now leads in a new area as K-Pop singers and models.

China also plans to hold a large scale launching event with After School after seeing the group′s potential. Local fans have been showing their support for the group although it has never made an official debut in the country.

A rep from MIXXO commented on the company′s choice of model, “After School′s stylish, sexy and chic charms, as well as its bouncy and innocent charms, were deemed fit for the global market.”

After School is currently preparing for its next album to be released in April.

Photo credit: Pledis

130323 Orange Caramel give you their hair styling tips

Orange Caramel partnered up with hair product brand Vidal Sassoon for a Nylonphoto shoot.

‘Nylon TV‘ posted a behind-the-scenes video of the girls. The members gave tips on how to get Orange Caramel hair. Nana demonstrated how to make a perfectly straight hairstyle like hers, Raina showed fans how to get her girly wavy hair, andLizzy went for cute curls.

The girls also tied in their hairstyles with colorful makeup and clothes.

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130323 After School’s Lizzy calls out her impersonator

Written By Kim Regina on Friday, March 22, 2013 | 10:34 PM

Impersonation of celebrities’ accounts is becoming more and more of a problem, and After School‘s Lizzy became the next victim of impersonation.

Unfortunately for Lizzy, her impersonator is not as harmless as some of the others out there as they go around expressing an interest in various celebrities and asking them to keep in touch.

Lizzy called out her impersonator through Twitter, “Calling yourself Lizzy and finding celebrities’ phone numbers and sending them texts. Pretending to be Lizzy and trying to get close with themㅡㅡ.. Don’t go around pretending to be me^^….”, along with screenshot evidence of the message this impersonator has been sending various celebrities.

The KakaoTalk message screenshot read, “Hello~ I’m After School’s Lizzy!! I found out your number because I like you .”

130321 After School Lizzy, 4-Cut Self-Camera ‘Getting Prettier’

Written By Kim Regina on Wednesday, March 20, 2013 | 11:48 PM

lizzy cute self-camera

Girl group After School’s Lizzy revealed her cute self-camera photo.

Yesterday, Lizzy posted on her Twitter, “I just got back from Saporo concert. Everyone is doing well, right? This is a present for you” along with a present.

In the revealed picture, Lizzy has her long hair down and has fancy stage makeup on. She is revealing her V chin line with cute facial expressions.

Internet users who saw this commented, “Lizzy is getting prettier and prettier,” “I’m watching your drama well,” and “Thank you for the present.”

Lizzy is currently playing the role of Yuri in MBC drama “Rascal Sons.”

Photo Credit: Lizzy Twitter

130321 Uee Shares Her Secret to Having Well-Toned Thighs

On the recent episode of KBS’s “1 vs. 100,” which aired on March 18, After School’s Uee appeared to make her attempt to win.

During the show, MC Han Suk Joon asked for her secret to developing her signature “Honey Thighs.” Uee replied, “I have always enjoyed exercising. In fact, there is one particular move that is great for your legs.”

Uee then showed a squat position, which involved placing her feet the same width as her shoulders and squatting down while keeping her knees straight. After attempting to imitate Uee’s position, MC Han Suk Joon gave up as he said, “It feels like my thighs are on fire.”

Netizens that saw this episode admired, “Perfect squat,” “No wonder she used to be an athlete,” “Her body looks great.”

130320 How does After School’s UEE maintain her ‘honey thighs’?

After School‘s UEE revealed her secret to maintaining her famous ‘honey thighs’ on ‘1 vs 100‘!

On the March 19th episode, the MC of the show asked, “How can you make honey thighs?” UEE smiled and answered, “Exercise. I really enjoy exercise normally. There’s a pose that’s good for your legs. Let me show you.”

UEE then got into a squatting position by placing her feet the same width as her shoulders and then squatting down while making sure her knees are straight. She was able to maintain the perfect position, but the MC attempted the same and commented, “I think my thighs are on fire.”

On the same episode, UEE revealed she’s taken up boxing.

Check out UEE’s stance below, and let us know if you can feel the burn!

130319 ’1 Vs 100′ After School Uee Starts Up Boxing, ‘I Injured My Wrist in 2 Weeks’

'1 Vs 100' After School Uee Starts Up Boxing, 'I Injured My Wrist in 2 Weeks'

After School Uee revealed that she had started boxing.

Today on KBS “1 Vs. 100,” After School Uee appeared as a guest and revealed that she had started to learn boxing.

Uee was asked what she had been doing after finishing up her drama schedule.

Uee stated, “I am learning some exercise. I am sad that my break is so short.”

When asked what kind of exercise she was doing, she stated, “I started boxing, but I injured my wrist in just two weeks so I can’t do it now. I’ve only learned the basics so far.”

130317 Yoo Jae Suk, After Holding Uee In His Arms “She’s Not the Weight I Thought She Was”

Written By Kim Regina on Sunday, March 17, 2013 | 6:30 PM

Uee was humiliated by her weight.

In SBS “Running Man” aired today, After School’s Uee came out as a guest. During games, Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Kwang Soo had to pass through a limbo with Uee in their arms.

Yoo Jae Suk confidently held up Uee in his arms, but dropped her right away. He said, “Uee. Uee is weird. This is not the Uee that I thought she was.”

Lee Kwang Soo also held her in his arms, but he could not hide in his face of torture. He said, “This was what you were talking about.”

As Lee Kwang Soo was trying his best to sit down and back up with Uee in his arms and even pass through the limbo, Yoo Jae Suk said, “You want to let her go now. But you need to endure. You need to pass through here,” cheering him on.

Photo Credit: SBS

130317 After School JooYeon, Past Pictures Revealed! ‘Comic Book Character’

Group After School’s member JooYeon’s past pictures were revealed.

Recenlty in an online community forum, several pictures were posted under ‘After School’s Lee JooYeon during high school days when she looked like a comic book character.’

In the revealed pictures are JooYeon during high school days when she was known to be beautiful. Unlike the sexy image she has now, she looks innocent and pure.

Internet users who saw this commented, “She was so pretty then too,” “She’s naturally beautiful,” and “She was popular back then for her looks.”

JooYeon recently came out in KBS2 “Jeonwoochi” that ended in February.

Photo Credit: Online Community

130314 ‘Son Dam Bi’s Beautiful Days’ premiering on White Day

Written By Kim Regina on Thursday, March 14, 2013 | 1:43 AM

Son Dam Bi and Kahi‘s beauty talk show ‘Son Dam Bi’s Beautiful Days‘ is premiering on White Day, March 14th!

On the upcoming premiere, the two MCs will represent all the single ladies out there by demonstrating a special ‘White Day’ event they can do with their girlfriends.

During filming, Son Dam Bi and Kahi enjoyed a pajama party at a luxury hotel and had fun with tarot cards. In terms of love, Son Dam Bi’s card read that she has a destiny awaiting her, but she will be unable to be with that person. Meanwhile, Kahi’s fortune looked bleak and hopeless. They consoled each other, saying, “We won’t get married this year either. Let’s work hard throughout 2013.”

The two dancing queens also performed Girls’ Generation‘s “I Got A Boy” choreography and shared the secret to their six-pack abs. Kahi commented, “If I show my embarrassing workout position, I might have to quit my life as a celebrity,”making fans curious to watch the show.

Catch the premiere on the 14th at 11PM KST on MBC Music!

130314 After School Lizzy, The Smile of a Spring Lady

Written By Kim Regina on Wednesday, March 13, 2013 | 10:55 PM

Group After School’s Lizzy revealed the heart of a girl who has just encountered spring.

Today, Lizzy posted on her Twitter, “Spring lady that I took yesterday, Lizzy” along with a picture.

In the picture, Lizzy is wearing a shirt with flower patterns, smiling at the camera. She seems fresh and happy to be outside in spring weather.

Internet users who saw this commented, “Seeing Lizzy smile makes me smile too,” “But it’s still cold, so make sure to dress warm,” and “After School’s prettiest Lizzy~”

Lizzy is currently playing the role of Yuri in MBC drama “Rascal Sons.”

Photo Credit: Lizzy Twitter

130313 After School teams up with Brave Brothers for new single

After School will be teaming up with hitmaking producer Brave Brothers once again for their new single!

Jason Jejoon Park, the managing director of Pledis Entertainment, hinted at After School’s upcoming comeback,

After School new single recordings with 8 members all in! with Brave Brothers (@ Brave Entertainment) 4sq.com/10AdiCh

— Jason Jejoon Park (@visionmeister) March 12, 2013

Brave Brothers has undoubtedly contributed to the success of After School. He’s behind their hit songs “Ah“, “Diva“, and “Because of You“, so fans can’t wait to hear what he has up his sleeve next for the beautiful ladies!

Tip: Serena Chan

130311 After School Uee Loses Lawsuit Against Aekyung Cosmetic Brand

Written By Kim Regina on Monday, March 11, 2013 | 6:44 PM

After School member Uee lost her lawsuit against Aekyung cosmetics company.

Uee was a model for Aekyung’s brand, ‘Point’ starting in 2010. At that time, her contract was for one year with an additional 1 year to be added after the 1 year contract was over.

However, Aekyung contacted Uee’s agency and stated before their 1 year contract term ended, that they did not want to use Uee as their model anymore.

A representative from Uee’s company stated, “The contract was to be extended another year automatically without having to create a new contract. Aekyung did not pay on time either. We have decided to ask for twice the amount to pay for damages.”

The court sided with Uee in the beginning saying that they would fine Aekyung for the damages.

However, later, the court changed up sides and sided with Aekyung, saying that if both sides didn’t have any special statements, the contract would continue, but if one side fails to meet the expectations, they can cancel the extended time and terminate the contract.

130309 After School’s Lizzy is from Pandora?

Written By Kim Regina on Sunday, March 10, 2013 | 8:25 PM

After School‘s Lizzy looked human the other day when she graced Lotte World with her presence, but her latest update shocked fans.

Lizzy revealed her transformation, tweeting, “I’m an avatar,” referring to the Hollywood movie ‘Avatar‘. The idol put on a green beauty mask on before bed to keep her skin looking amazing.

Fans still thought she looked great, commenting, “She’s pretty even with the mask on,” “Lizzy, why are you doing this,” “Lizzy’s really pretty like this,” and more.

130305 Son Dam Bi and Kahi attend press conference for their new beauty show ‘Son Dam Bi’s Beautiful Days’

Written By Kim Regina on Tuesday, March 5, 2013 | 11:04 PM

Son Dam Bi and Kahi looked beautiful while attending the press conference for their upcoming beauty show ‘Son Dam Bi’s Beautiful Days‘ which was held at the Yeouido CGV on the 5th.

The PD of the show, Seo Heung Kyo, was also present at the event and explained why Son Dam Bi’s name was included in the show title but not Kahi’s. He revealed,“When making the logo, we decided to only put up Son Dam Bi’s name. Design-wise, if we put up both of their names, it would look messy so it was decided to just put up Son Dam Bi’s name.”

Son Dam Bi and Kahi are known to be close friends so it comes as no surprise that the show’s PD revealed their impressive teamwork stating, “The two of them have great teamwork and filmed the show without any pretense and I think they did well. Since they have a lot of experience on set together, their chemistry was good. They’re excellent hosts even despite their busy schedule. There’s a lot of reality elements involved which will add to the fun atmosphere of the show.”

‘Son Dam Bi’s Beautiful Days’ will be aimed towards women in their 20s-30s and will share lifestyle and beauty advice. Fans will also get a chance to quench their curiosity regarding Son Dam Bi and Kahi’s own lifestyle and beauty tips through the program!

‘Son Dam Bi’s Beautiful Days’ will premiere through MBC Music on the 14th at 11 PM KST!

130303 After School’s Jung Ah shows off her beach body in Thailand

Written By Kim Regina on Sunday, March 3, 2013 | 5:55 PM

The girls of After School have been enjoying the free time they have during their hiatus with Lizzy gracing Lotte World with her presence and now Jung Ah, who traveled to Thailand for a vacation, sharing great photos from the beach.

Jung Ah shared on her Twitter, “It was so much fun staying in Pattaya, Thailand~ I also stepped out in my swimming suit~~^^ Jooyeon took this photo and gave it to me~~^^ Joo Pa Ring, thank you♥”, along with a set of photos of the After School leader walking along the shore and showing off her lean legs in her swimsuit.

All of the members of After School are known for their model-like figures and Jung Ah was no different posing on the beach She made the photos taken by phone look like a pictorial.

Netizens commented, “I’m jealous of her proportions”, “Her hat suits her”, and “She looks like a doll.”

130303 Uee-Hyorin, Their Height Difference Was That Big?

After School Uee and SISTAR Hyorin’s height difference is becoming an issue.

Recently in an online community forum, a picture was posted under ‘The real height difference of Uee and Hyorin.’

The picture was from MBC “The 4th Idol Star Athlete Swimming Championship” held in January. In the picture, Uee and Hyorin are talking to each other.

The two wore the same uniform and same sneakers, and this revealed their surprising height difference. Uee and Hyorin were normally known to have one of the best and curviest S lines and body among girl groups, which probably led people to assume that their height would be similar as well. According to the profiles on online communities, Uee is 171cm and Hyorin is 164cm, which is 7cm difference.

Internet users who saw this commented, “I never thought Hyorin is short but I guess it’s because her body proportions are good,” “Uee is definitely a lot taller,” “It looks like Hyorin is getting in trouble,” and “Their heights are different but they both have great bodies.”

Photo Credit: Online Community

130302 Lizzy graces Lotte World with her presence

Written By Kim Regina on Friday, March 1, 2013 | 8:42 PM

Whoever happened to be at the Lotte World amusement park in Seoul a few days ago were in for a treat because they had a chance to see Lizzy!

The After School member tweeted three adorable selcas and wrote, “I went to Lotte World a few days ago♥”. She hadn’t put on a mask or covered her face at all, and was even wearing a funky hairband, fully enjoying the experience like everyone else at the amusement park. If anything, her friend was the one who kept her face hidden by a hat.

As always, Lizzy showed off her quirky, cute personality with various poses, not letting the stares of passersby deter her from enjoying her day.

What would you do if you saw your favorite idol at the same amusement park?

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