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130925 After School’s Ex-Member Kahi Announces October Comeback

Written By Kim Regina on Wednesday, September 25, 2013 | 12:46 AM

On September 25, Pledis Entertainment stated, “Kahi will make a comeback on October 10 with her second mini album ‘Who Are You?’ If her first solo mini album was her first step into her solo career, this album will aim to show her various charms as an artist.”

Her agency continued, “Just like the two year wait since her previous mini album, this album went through several revisions to create a high quality production. Just like how Kahi poured out her energy on the album and personally meet up with the composers and the staff, you can expect an upgraded performance and album. Please look forward to it.”

Kahi headed to Barcelona on September 25 to shoot for her music video. She plans to make a grand comeback and heavily promote the album after unveiling her album teasers.

130924 After School’s Uee Shows Off Impressive Shuffling Moves

Written By Kim Regina on Monday, September 23, 2013 | 11:20 PM

On January 6, After School’s Uee debuted as the main MC of KBS “Music Bank,” alongside actor Lee Jang Woo. To celebrate their new MC roles, the two stars put on a joint performance of “The Time of My Life” from the movie OST of “Dirty Dance.”

During the performance of the song, which was rearranged by Shinsadong Tiger to involve a lot more electronic beats, Uee showed off her sick shuffle dance moves, bringing the whole crowd to their feet. Lee Jang Woo played the DJ role, spinning at the DJ booth on the side.

After the stage, Uee said, “It feels refreshing to be the main MC of ‘Music Bank.’ We’ll do our best to spread K-Pop around the world.” At the press conference held prior to the show, Uee echoed similar comments, saying, “It’s just an honor to be the host of KBS’s main music program, ‘Music Bank.’ I’m a bit nervous and feel the pressure since it’s my first MC role, but I’ll do my best. Please keep supporting me, even if I make a lot of mistakes.”

You can see the rest of the performances from Uee and Lee Jang Woo’s first “Music Bank” show here!

130919 After School’s Nana and Jooyeon walk the ‘Tokyo Runway’

Written By Kim Regina on Friday, September 20, 2013 | 1:38 AM

After School’s Nana and Jooyeon showcased their model-like figures as they walked the recent ‘Tokyo Runway’ fashion show.

The two lovely idols graced the stage of the Japan’s prestigious fashion held at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium on September 14th. They showed a perfect runway walk like a professional model, flaunting their model-like bodies and modern city-chic style.

Meanwhile, Nana and Jooyeon will also make an appearance as models for ‘Kansai collection show’ on September 21st and ‘GIRLS AWARD’ on the 28th.

130920 After School’s Nana shows support for Electroboyz’ “Let It Rain”

After School’s Nana showed her support for Electroboyz’ latest single “Let It Rain”.

Electroboyz tweeted a photo of Nana and her pet dog both cheering for the boys’ latest single with a special handwritten message. The message reads, “Electroboyz’ ‘Let It Rain’ is daebak♡ Please give it a lot of love! Fighting! Hope it becomes a hit^^”

Nana became close with Electroboyz after featuring in the group’s “Ma Boy 3” single. Electroboyz recently released its hip hop R&B track “Let It Rain” and Nana sent a cheering message as a special Chuseok gift.

130911 UEE Clears Up Sponsorship and Pre-Debut Rumors

Written By Kim Regina on Thursday, September 12, 2013 | 4:18 AM

After School’s UEE appeared as a guest on the talk show “Hwashin” and cleared up rumors about sponsorship and supposed photos of her as a bar hostess.

On the show, UEE talked about what comes up the most when you search her name on the internet. One of them was “UEE Sponsor.” Rumors that UEE had a rich sponsor had been circulating the internet.

The singer denied the sponsorship, “One day my shocked friend confronted me about it and said, ‘So even UEE has this kind of side to her.’ The friend even went up to me and asked if it was the truth…I was worried that if I left it alone it would become like a truth so I looked for an opportunity to explain. I modeled for advertisements like cellphones and chickens, but I think the rumors were started.”

UEE also clarified rumors about her being a bar hostess in the past. One of the other search results of her name was ” UEE’s hostess photo.” There were photos on the internet of UEE being involved with men and acting like a bar hostess. Despite being photoshopped, rumors that UEE used to be a bar hostess began to spread. She said, “At first I was so angry I looked for the users behind the photos.”

Expecting anti-fans, UEE was surprised to find that the netizens who created the photos were just elementary school students or stay at home moms. To protect the identity of those mischievous netizens, UEE decided not to pursue legal action.

130911 After School's Uee Expected a Love Line with Either Kim Hyung Joon and Yoon Shi Yoon

Uee of After School revealed that she had expected a love line with either of her “Barefoot Friends” costars, “Kim Hyun Joong and Yoon Shi Yoon.”

Uee appeared on an episode of “Hwashin” as one of the guests and talked about how she was not very popular with male celebrities because she lacked aegyo. She told the MCs, “Am I that scary? Male celebrities have never contacted or approached me.”

The MCs then asked her about her regular appearance on the variety show “Barefoot Friends,” and if she ever thought about forming a love triangle with her similar aged cast members, Kim Hyun Joong and Yoon Shi Yoon.

Uee explained, “At first I also expected a love line like Song Ji Hyo and Gary‘s on ‘Running Man.’ But then after we rode a plane together and they got to know my true self, it became impossible to form a love line with anyone. From the first night the male cast members would even take off their shirt in front of me like it was nothing.”

130910 After School’s Uee Confirmed to Star in ‘Golden Rainbow’

Written By Kim Regina on Wednesday, September 11, 2013 | 2:54 AM

After School member Uee has been confirmed for a lead role in MBC’s new drama “Golden Rainbow” (written by Son Young Mok, directed by Kang Dae Sun and Lee Jae Jin).

On September 9, drama agency May Queen Pictures commented, “Uee couldn’t confirm her appearance the drama because of her overseas schedule, but just recently it’s finally been decided that she will take the role. After making her decision, she even attended an open rehearsal script reading, and met with the other actors and introduced herself to them.”

In the drama, Uee will play the part of Baek Won, who is actually the granddaughter of the CEO of a major company, but is adopted as a child by Han Joo (played by Kim Sang Joong). In the drama she takes care of the 7 adopted siblings. Baek Won is a trouble-maker, but experiences the ocean thanks to Han Joo, and eventually finds success in the fishing industry.

When asked about her feelings regarding the new drama, Uee said, “Since I’m the lead role, there is a lot of pressure riding on me. But as difficult as it is, I’ll try that much harder.”

“Golden Rainbow” is scheduled to follow after “Scandal,” and will be airing its first episode in November.

130903 After School’s UEE shows stylish fall looks for ‘H:CONNECT’

Written By Kim Regina on Tuesday, September 3, 2013 | 10:06 PM

After School’s lovely member UEE is creating buzz once again with her latest pictorial forthe 2013 Fall/Winter collection of ‘H:CONNECT’.

H:CONNETCT is a contemporary global SPA brand pursuing for stylish and modern styles with brand slogan, “Connecting to the Edge of Fashion.” In the pictorial, UEE showcases her perfectly fit body figure in oversized coats and skin-tight leggings.

Check out the clip below:

130902 Uee, Endless Eating On ‘Barefoot Friends’

After School’s member Uee ate endlessly.

In SBS “Barefoot Friends” aired today, the members visited Hong Jin Kyung’s house to eat her food.

On this day, Hong Jin Kyung gave them soup made with bean paste that is 12 years old.

The members who tried it said, “The meat is so soft and it melts in my mouth.” Uee especially seemed to have fallen in love with the food, as she kept eating with her mouth wide open.

Kang Ho Dong then said, “You like it so much, I bet you ate half of a pig just now,” arousing laughter.

Photo Credit: SBS

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