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130228 After Schools Uee seems she has lost a lot of weight

Written By Kim Regina on Thursday, February 28, 2013 | 3:19 AM

After School’s Uee is drawing a lot of attention with her pictures which were not retouched.

An online community posted pictures with the caption, “Uee has the best figure without retouching.”

In the pictures, Uee is showing off her breathtakingly beautiful legs. Even though the pictures were not retouched, her tall height and perfectly proportioned figure received considerable attention.

Her fashion also captured the public. She is wearing a pink sweater and flower printed skirt. Bright colored clothes made people feel like spring has arrived.

People who saw the pictures responded: “She has lost a lot of weight.” “Even though the pictures were not retouched, she looks perfect.” “She’s slim.” “She is like a model.” “She has beautiful legs.” “I want to see her in real life.”

Uee played the role of Hong Moo Yeon on KBS’s series Jeon Woochi, which went off air on February 7.

Source: TV Report

130227 Son Dam Bi and After Schools Kahi will host a talk show together

Written By Kim Regina on Wednesday, February 27, 2013 | 1:34 AM

Kahi will host a talk show for the first time after leaving After School.

On February 27, MBC Music reported that Kahi will host Son Dam Bi’s Beautiful Days, which starts airing on March 14.

Kahi will co-host the show with the main host Son Dam Bi.

As good friends, they showed off perfect teamwork from the first time, surprising the crew, at the first shooting.

Son Dam Bi’s Beautiful Days is a lifestyle talk show for Korean women in their twenties and thirties. It will give opportunities for them to look at themselves that they have abandoned for a long time because of their work and married life.

The show will start airing on March 14 on MBC Music. It will also air on MBC Drama Net, MBC Every1, and MBC Queen after that.

Source: Starnews

130226 After School’s Jungah and Lizzy are both interested in Yoon Si Yoon?

Written By Kim Regina on Tuesday, February 26, 2013 | 6:12 PM

After ranting about the lack of guys approaching her, After School‘s Lizzy admitted she has been interested in a certain someone herself lately.

‘Entertainment Relay‘ interviewed Son Dam Bi and After School in the midst of their photo shoot for Mixxo, and the ladies were asked if they had their eye on anyone these days. Jungah came right out with Yoon Si Yoon, and Lizzy piped up, “Me too, me too,” agreeing with her fellow member’s choice. Jungah then responded, “Let’s not go with the [same guy].”

As Yoon Si Yoon is finishing up his latest drama ‘Flower Boy Next Door‘, it seems that his charms have attracted fangirls among celebrities as well.

In addition to this confession, Jungah commented on what photo shoot concept she’d like to go for next, saying, “[A photo shoot] with physical contact would be nice.”

130225 After School's Nana Goes Silver for "Singles"

Written By Kim Regina on Monday, February 25, 2013 | 12:50 AM

The Korean media frequently describes After School’s Nana as having the perfect body for a model. She really drives that point home in this photoshoot!

For the photoshoot with the fashion magazine “Singles,” Nana is shown rocking silver hair that makes her look like a character from a Science Fiction movie! The Korean media is commenting on the fact how difficult this type of style is to pull off. Well, Nana certainly pulls off the look effortlessly! The concept of most of her clothes is ‘metallic’ and is truly a futuristic type of high fashion.

Nana’s futuristic “Singles” photoshoot can be viewed in the March edition that will be released on March 22, 2013.

In other news, After School recently held their first fan meeting in Thailand on February 23. It was held at the “Central World Live” in Bangkok. Nearly 3000 fans came to meet their favorite female group!

130225 After School successfully hold a fan meeting in Thailand

On February 25, After School’s agency reported, “After School’s first fan meeting in Thailand was held at the Central World Live in Bangkok. Attracting about 3,000 fans, the fan meeting was successfully held. Nearly 50 media sources also paid attention to the fan meeting. Unlike other girl groups’ fan meetings, tickets for this fan meeting were sold out.”

At the fan meeting, After School performed such hit songs as “Flashback,” “Because Of You,” and “Bang!”

After School will release a new album this year.

Source: TV Report

130224 Who Is Sexier? Son Dam Bi vs After School for MIXXO

Written By Kim Regina on Sunday, February 24, 2013 | 8:41 PM

This is a beauty competition of the ages! 

 Recently label mates Son Dam Bi and After School were both picked to model for the SPA brand “MIXXO.” 

Son Dam Bi and the After School members participated in MIXXO’s spring photoshoot. 

The singers wore items and clothes from MIXX’s classic, feminine, and casual lines. A representative of MIXXO stated, “We are planning on entering into Chinese and Japanese markets. 

We chose Son Dam Bi and After School because they are Hallyu stars that customers felt were approachable.

130224 Lizzy wants guys to come out of the closet & describes her ‘Rascal Sons’ kiss scene with Ryu Soo Young

On the 23rd, KBS 2TV‘s ‘Entertainment Relay‘ interviewed Son Dam Bi and After School in the midst of their photo shoot for ‘Mixxo‘.

During this episode, member Lizzy dished about boys, honestly revealing that there was a time when a lot of male celebrities would approach her. “In 2010 there was [something like that]. When I first debuted, when I didn’t speak much [in variety shows], and when I didn’t accomplish much, my image was fine.” However, as her activities began to pile up, the number of male celebrities who would show their interest in her diminished. Lizzy drew laughter as she expressed her disappointment in the turn of events.

In response to her dissatisfaction, her fellow After School members as well as Son Dam Bi stated, “No, [there are still a lot of guys] interested in Lizzy.” Lizzy then retorted, “Why are they [only liking me] in secret?“, seemingly wishing that they actively pursued her instead.

In the same episode, Lizzy talked about her MBC show ‘Rascal Sons‘, particularly regarding her kiss scene with co-actor Ryu Soo Young. In the show, Lizzy’s character Yuri and Ryu Soo Young’s character Minki, share a surprise kiss after having developed romantic feelings throughout the episodes.

Although Lizzy seemed surprised at first when she was asked about the scene, she shared what she remembered. “Ryu Soo Young’s lips were moist,” she stated, offering an honest answer to the amusement of the set.

130220 After School’s Lizzy appeals with her cutie charm

Written By Kim Regina on Wednesday, February 20, 2013 | 10:14 PM

The girl group After School’s Lizzy has revealed her cutie charm.

On February 20, the singer tweeted some photos of herself with the comment “Tada! Here are some other ones! They’re taken yesterday or the day before.”

She makes a bright smile toward the camera. Her beauty draws people’s eyes.

Her hair and makeup also attract attention. She tied her hair, showing off her slim jawline. She adds a feminine charm with a smoky makeup that highlights her eyes.

Netizens who saw the posting reacted: “Looks cute.” “She seems to be getting prettier.” “Her makeup looks good on her.” “She’s got clear skin.” “Lizzy looks cute.” “I want to see her in person someday.” “Lizzy is a cutie.”

Currently, the singer appears in the MBC series My Sons and plays the character Yuri.

Source: TV Report

130220 After School’s Uee Names Song Joong Ki as Her Ideal Type

After School’s Uee recently revealed that Song Joong Ki is her ideal type.

Yesterday’s episode of Mnet’s “Wide Entertainment News” featured an interview with the singer-actress, where she talked about her style, upcoming fashion trends, and her ideal type.

Regarding her ideal type, Uee shyly revealed, “I have a lot of ideal types.” During the show, she was given an ideal type world cup challenge where she chose Cha Tae Hyun over Lee Hee Joon, Jo In Sung over So Ji Sub, Kang Dong Won over Won Bin,and Jung Il Woo over Kim Soo Hyun in the first round. In the second round, she hesitated before selecting Cha Tae Hyun over Jo In Sung and Kang Dong Won over Jung Il Woo. For the final round, she apologized before naming her former co-star, Cha Tae Hyun, as the winner of her ideal type world cup challenge.

She explained, “Cha Tae Hyun is very passionate and warm-hearted. I realized how close he matched up to my ideal type when I saw him taking care of the crew.”

However, the production team playfully asked, “What if the round was between Cha Tae Hyun and Song Joong Ki.” Without hesitation, Uee replied, “Oh really? Then Song Joong Ki.”

130219 Kahi drops hints on her new album through ‘Nylon TV’

Written By Kim Regina on Tuesday, February 19, 2013 | 4:48 PM

Kahi dropped a few hints on her comeback album!

All her fans were delighted with the news that Kahi would soon make her return to the K-pop scene, and she revealed a bit more about her upcoming album through ‘Nylon TV‘. She hinted, “I think this album will be an exciting one, like when you play around in sweatpants. I think everyone will like it.”

That sounds like it’s going to be quite different from her first solo album, since “Come Back You Bad Person“ was more of a quiet ballad. However, this ‘exciting’ album should give her more opportunities to show off her amazing dance skills.

130218 Kahi and G.NA revealed to be making their comebacks soon

Written By Kim Regina on Sunday, February 17, 2013 | 5:11 PM

It looks like the next few months will feature the return of two powerful soloists. Singers G.NA and Kahi are ramping up work on their respective comeback albums!

Sexy icon G.NA is slated to return to the Korean music scene sometime in March. Since her last promotions were 10 months ago, with “2HOT“, she is making plans to show off a powerful performance. “We’re thinking of many promotions to once again bring G.NA’s sexiness and strong points to the forefront,” said a representative for G.NA.

Kahi, formerly of After School, is planning on making a comeback in the first half of 2013 as well. Since this will be her first solo comeback since 2011, expectations are high.

“In fact, when Kahi was performing with After School, there was an element of her trying to match evenly with the other members. Since this will be a solo stage, she will be able to show off her skills without any drawbacks,” said a staff member familiar with her comeback plans.

Source: OSEN

130215 After School grad Bekah and Son Dam Bi reunite in Hawaii

Written By Kim Regina on Friday, February 15, 2013 | 10:37 PM

After School graduate Bekah and Son Dam Bi recently reunited at Bekah’s hometown in Hawaii.

Son Dam Bi shared on her Twitter, “Hawaii with Bekah ehhehehe”, along with a few snapshots.

Bekah and Son Dam Bi are seen enjoying their time together at the cafe and mall, and left fans smiling with their playful expressions to the camera.

Fans commented, “It’s nice to see Bekah again”, “Son Dam Bi and Bekah are adorable”, and “Enjoy the warm weather in Hawaii.”

Source & Image: Son Dam Bi‘s Twitter

130216 Orange Caramel Releases Short Ver. MV for "Mint Cookies & Cream" from Upcoming Japanese Album

After School‘s sub unit Orange Caramel has revealed their short version music video for “Mint Cookies & Cream” today on YouTube.

The song is from their upcoming first Japanese album “Orange Caramel” which will released next month on March 13. It has been reported to contain ten tracks, including Japanese versions of all their past hits.

The trio previously released their single “Lipstick / Lamu no Love Song” in December.

1. ”AING” (Japanese Version)
2. ”魔法少女 (Magic Girl)” (Japanese Version)
3. ”クッキークリーム&ミン (Mint Cookies & Cream)”
4. ”Bangkok City” (Japanese Version)
5. ”LIPSTICK” (Japanese Version)
6. ”ラムのラブソング (Lamu no Love Song)”
7. ”やさしい悪魔 (Yasashii Akuma)”
8. ”上海ロマンス (Shanghai Romance)” (Japanese Version)
9. ”TBA”
10. ”TBA”

130216 After School’s Nana reveals her flawless figure in a red tube top dress

After School’s Nana revealed her outstanding beauty.

On February 15, the singer posted a photo of herself on Facebook and commented, “Sniff, sniff! Is everyone doing good? Don’t get sick but be safe.”

She appears in a red-tone tube top dress that appeals her beautiful figure. Her slim collarbone and voluptuous breast line are indeed emphasized.

Her beautiful look also attracts attention. The smoky makeup highlights her eyes and makes her well-defined features even clearer. Her sharper jaw lines and whiter skin make viewers jealous.

Netizens who saw the posting reacted: “Nana looks pretty.” “Even her sullen look is lovely.” “She’s got clear skin.” “Beautiful.” “Nana looks prettier these days.” “What a goddess.” “Nana is charming.”

On February 14, the singer appeared in the episode of M.net’s M Count Down with Raina as special emcees of the day and revealed her talented hosting skills.

Source: TV Report

130215 Has After School’s UEE lost a lot of weight?

Has UEE lost a lot of weight?

The After School member and actress recently posted a selca on her me2day with the caption, “Hi! I’m worried about whether you’re eating well and what you’ve been up to.. hehe. Everyone is doing well, right? It’s cold, so everyone be careful! ♥♥ I took this while I was shooting for H:Connect, hehe >3<♥♥♥♥“.

Fans responded, “Unni, you lost your cheeks after ‘Jeonwoochi‘”, “You’re so pretty”, “Thank you for promoting NU’EST!”, and more.

Other than the fact that she was promoting labelmate NU’EST‘s new song, fans noticed that she has lost a lot of weight and that her baby cheeks are gone. UEE has had a very busy schedule lately, but now that her drama’s over, she can get a break before After School makes a comeback.

130213 After School’s Lizzy selected as model for makeup brand ‘Kiss Me’

Written By Kim Regina on Thursday, February 14, 2013 | 12:33 AM

After School’s Lizzy has become the face of the cosmetic brand ‘Kiss Me’.

Pledis Entertainment announced that the girl group member will represent the brand, known for its mascara and eye makeup. Despite her busy schedule, Lizzy participated in a pictorial and impressed the staff with her bright smile.

A representative revealed, “Lizzy’s perfect complexion and vibrancy as exemplified on variety shows has led to us picking her as our model. Through the collaboration, we anticipate that more different images will be shown in 2013.”

130213 Lizzy to promote Kiss Me cosmeticslizz

Written By Kim Regina on Wednesday, February 13, 2013 | 10:59 PM

After School’s Lizzy has become the face of Kiss Me cosmetics.
Pledis Entertainment announced Feb. 12 that the girl group member will represent the brand, known for its mascara and eye makeup.

“Lizzy’s perfect complexion and vibrancy as exemplified on variety shows has led to us picking her as our model”, said a spokesperson from Kiss Me.

The singer recently wrapped up shooting ads for the latest range of the company’s products.
The commercial featuring the star will be released later this month.

By Carla Sunwoo

130212 After School’s Nana Reveals: “Huh Kyung Hwan Told Me Before that He Liked Me”

Written By Kim Regina on Tuesday, February 12, 2013 | 5:42 PM

After School’s Nana exposed that comedian Huh Kyung Hwan is interested in her.

On February 11, KBS aired a Lunar New Year’s special match-making program titled “Best Couple- Beauty and the Beast” where Nana made a guest appearance. She revealed, “Huh Kyung Hwan told me that he liked me before.” She also added, “I wanted to see him today.”

“We [Huh Kyung Hwan and I] went to the same makeup shop,” Nana added. “ I heard from the shop’s owner that he chose me as his ideal girl.”

Huh Kyung Hwan said, “I did say that she’s my ideal girl in the past on broadcast. She didn’t even look at me.” He later asked her, “Do I have a chance [to be a couple with you] today?” And he became ecstatic when she replied, “Yes.”

130212 Moo Yeon & Eun Woo Team Up to Protect the King

Written By Kim Regina on Monday, February 11, 2013 | 7:08 PM

Actresses Uee and Joo Yeon have teamed up as female warriors to protect Yong Joon in the KBS2TV Wed/Thurs drama “Jeon Woo Chi”.
Uee as Moo Yeon and Joo Yeon as the king’s personal bodyguard Eun Woo are secretly helping Jeon Woo Chi do good and also protect the king every time the kingdom is in trouble. The two actresses have especially heightened the excitement in last week’s episode as the two transformed into the king(played by Ahn Yong Joon)’s personal bodyguards to protect him from Kang Lim (played by Lee Hee Jun) as a coup d’etat is staged within the palace.

While the two try to take the king to a safe place, they are ambushed by Kang Lim’s footmen and become trapped. The ending for episode 22 showed the three in turmoil while Doong Gae (played by Shin Seung Hwan) had a sinister smile on his face leaving the audience to wonder what will happen in the next episode and whether the two ladies will be able to deliver the king to safety.

Uee and Joo Yeon’s action sequence took place at a drama set located in Moon Kyung, North Gyeongsang Province. The two had been acting together for the first time since “Jeon Woo Chi” took the airwaves.

The two actresses worked together even while on break to coordinate their moves and were able to film the scene with great ease. Ahn Yong Joon who plays the king mentioned, “I can’t stop laughing being escorted by two lovely ladies”, while Shin Seung Hwan who was also close by said, “I can’t help being jealous” bringing laughter to the people who were on site.

A related official said the scene was an important one as the king’s life or death could bring changes to the plot. The official added, “Uee and Joo Yeon’s loyalty is shown in the scene saving Ahn Yong Joon. We hope the audience keeps tuning into Jeon Woo Chi until the last episode”.

Last week’s episode showed Jeon Woo Chi (played by Cha Tae Hyun) and Kang Lim (played by Lee He Joon) in a fierce battle against each other. The next episodes will air Wednesday and Thursday at 10 p.m. on KBS2TV.

130210 Uee Talks About Finishing Up Drama "Jeon Woo Chi"

Written By Kim Regina on Sunday, February 10, 2013 | 11:49 PM

After School‘s Uee recently shared her messages with regards to the ending of the KBS 2TV’s drama “Jeon Woo Chi.”

The series ended on February 7, where Uee’s character returns to her hometown of Yul-Do and lives happily ever after.

On February 8, the actress and singer turned to her me2day to share her thoughts on the ending of the series saying, “‘Jeon Woo Chi’ has finally come to an end. Thank you to everyone who continued to watch and love the series until the very end! It will forever be an unforgettable and precious drama experience to me.”

She went on to say, “And to our ‘Jeon Woo Chi’ family members – you all worked so hard even though it was freezing at times during filming. I’d also like to thank those who loved ‘Jeon Woo Chi’ no matter what. I hope you all have a wonderful new year. ‘Jeon Woo Chi’ is the best!”

Along with her me2day messages, Uee also shared photos of herself in a pink traditional hanbok during a battle scene from the drama and a photo of some cast members from “Jeon Woo Chi” posing cheerfully together.

In related news, “Jeon Woo Chi” retained a viewership rating of 15.2% throughout its broadcast, which placed it as the number 1 drama for Wednesday and Thursday showtimes.

130209 After Schools Lizzy bows in a cute hanbok

Written By Kim Regina on Saturday, February 9, 2013 | 2:31 AM

After School’s Lizzy recently bowed in a cute hanbok for the Lunar New Year’s Day.

On February 9, Lizzy tweeted pictures with the comment, “Happy New year. I’m excited. The Lunar New Year’s Day is tomorrow. Hee hee. New Year’s Day.”

In the picture, Lizzy is smiling in a beautiful hanbok. A white top and pink skirt complemented her bubbly appeal. Her hairband made her look even cuter.

People who saw the pictures responded: “She’s cute.” “Happy New Year to you too.” “She’s lovely.” “Her pose is cute.” “Just looking at her picture makes me smile.” “She looks good in a hanbok.”

Lizzy is currently appearing on MBC’s series My Sons.

Source: TV Report

130207 UEE expresses her sadness on the ending of ‘Jeon Woo Chi’

Written By Kim Regina on Thursday, February 7, 2013 | 5:18 PM

After School‘s UEE expressed her sadness on the ending of ‘Jeon Woo Chi‘.

On February 7th, UEE took to her me2day and wrote, “‘Jeon Woo Chi’ ended ㅠㅠ Thank you for the love you showed us until the very end. It’s a precious drama that I’ll never forget *^^*“. Along with the post, she shared a few photos she took with the staff and cast of the drama.

In the drama, UEE played the female lead of Princess Hong Moo Yeon, the love interest of Cha Tae Hyun. She received much-praise for her superb acting and pulled off action scenes perfectly even though it was her first time participating full-time in a historical drama.

The show ran its final episode on the 7th, and will be followed by the much anticipated ‘Iris 2‘.

Source: UEE’s me2day

130207 “Jeon Woo-chi” Lee Hee-joon kidnaps UEE

Written By Kim Regina on Wednesday, February 6, 2013 | 8:23 PM

On the twenty-third episode of the KBS 2TV drama “Jeon Woochi – Drama“, Kang-rim (Lee Hee-joon) kidnapped Moo-yeon (UEE).

Kang-rim conspired alongside Oh-yong (Kim Byeong-se) but failed to succeed because of Jeon Woo-chi (Cha Tae-hyeon). Angered by this, Kang-rim kidnapped Moo-yeon on the day of the Queen’s coronation.

He tied her up and fastened an arrow pointing at her. When she asked him, “If you wanted to kill me, this wouldn’t be the only way”, he answered, “I don’t want to kill you easily. I think you ought to know what it’s like to die a painful death”.

When Moo-yeon asked if he resented her, he said, “How can I express how I feel so easily with words? Don’t call my name with that filthy mouth of yours. How would you know how I feel about losing my father by falling for you?”

“He was my father. I want to kill you right away but I can’t make his dreams come true. So I am waiting. Jeon Woo-chi (Cha Tae-hyeon) and the King will both die to avenge my father’s death”.

Meanwhile, at the end of the episode, Jeon Woo-chi had to choose between the King Igo’s (Ahn Yong-joon) safety and Moo-yeon.

130206 Son Dam Bi and After Schools Nana show off their doll-like faces

Written By Kim Regina on Tuesday, February 5, 2013 | 11:21 PM

A picture of Son Dam Bi hugging After School’s Nana from behind was recently released.

On February 5, Son uploaded a picture on her Twitter account with the comment, “With cute Nana at the long photo shoot yesterday.”

In the picture, Son is hugging Nana from behind. Son is having a bright smile on her face, but Nana seems unsatisfied. They’re both showing off their doll-like faces.

People who saw the picture responded: “They look very close.” “Son Dam Bi and Nana are so pretty.” “Son Dam Bi and Nana have perfect figures.”

Son is currently playing the role of the CEO of a love agency in tvN’s drama seriesPlay Guide.

Source: Money Today

130205 After School Lizzy-Jung Ah Doll-Like Beauty Revealed, ‘They Look Like Sisters’

After School Lizzy-Jung Ah Doll-Like Beauty Revealed, ‘They Look Like Sisters’

Group After School’s Lizzy and Jung Ah revealed their doll-like beauty through a picture.

Today, Lizzy posted on her Twitter, “With jungjung~ What are we filming for?” along with a picture.

In the picture, Lizzy and Jung Ah are wearing fancy outfits and makeup, smiling at the camera. The two both have brown, wavy hair, making them look like sisters.

Internet users who saw this commented, “Cute Lizzy”, “What are you filming for?”, “I wish your comeback would be sooner” and “I miss After School.”

Photo Credit: Lizzy Twitter

130204 “Rascal Sons” Lizzy kissed by Ryoo Soo-yeong

Written By Kim Regina on Sunday, February 3, 2013 | 11:45 PM

Ryoo Soo-yeong kissed Lizzy in his sleep in the MBC drama “Rascal Sons“.

Bok-nam (Lizzy) was at his studio and scribbled on Min-ki’s (Ryoo Soo-yeong) face when she saw he was sleeping. That’s when he kissed her on the cheek in his sleep.

She was surprised and her eyes opened wide. Min-ki wakes up and takes his lips off her cheek.

Min-ki starts asking her what’s going on. Bok-nam told him, “You kissed me. I assure you, don’t pretend that nothing happened”.

130204 After Schools UEE shows off her pretty face on her way to work

Some pictures of After School’s UEE going to work were recently released.

The pictures were uploaded on an online community board under the title of “UEE on her way to work.”

The pictures were taken when UEE was going to the set of KBS 2TV’s Music Bankon February 1. In the pictures, UEE is saying hello to her fans. She looks chic with long wavy hair and smoky eye makeup.

People who saw the pictures responded: “UEE is so pretty.” “The smoky eye makeup looks good on her.” “UEE is beautiful.”

UEE is currently hosting Music Bank and playing the role of Hong Moo Yeon on KBS 2TV’s drama series Jeon Woo Chi.

Source: Money Today

130126 Son Dambi, Kahi, After School, HelloVenus, and NU’EST Gather for a Valentine’s Day Party

Written By Kim Regina on Friday, February 1, 2013 | 9:09 PM

Getting rid of the stereotype that Valentine’s Day is only for couples, Son Dambi, Kahi, After School, HelloVenus, and NU’EST came together to celebrate the romantic holiday together.

In a recent photo shoot for fashion magazine Cosmopolitan Korea, the singers of Pledis Entertainment boasted the fun time they had with each other with the bright smiles on their faces.

Kahi, who is currently preparing for her solo career, was also present, showing her beautiful face for the first in a long time.

The Valentine’s Day party pictorial will be included in the February issue.

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