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130729 After School’s Kaeun Does A Perfect Aegyo Selfie

Written By Kim Regina on Monday, July 29, 2013 | 12:53 AM

After School youngest member Kaeun recently uploaded an adorable shot of herself.

After School’s Kaeun showed off her adorable look as a treat to fans. Even with her busy schedule around After School’s promotion and concerts, she uploaded her photo featuring her cute side.

Kaeun took the photos while on set at a photo shoot. Just like all After School members, she is sweet and charming on the camera. She also used one of the props, a big bow, just to frame her face as well as playing and hiding behind it, in a seeming peek-a-boo on the camera. Without the help of make up, Kaeun showed a more youthful and innocent look, resulting in an amazing aegyo filled with youthful glow.

130728 Uee, Tears After Diving ‘Our Members Overcame Our Fears So Well…’

Written By Kim Regina on Sunday, July 28, 2013 | 10:39 PM

Uee teared up after diving.

In SBS “Barefeet Friends” aired today, the members held a diving competition against other idols.

On this day, Uee tried the 10m platform, 7.5m platform, and 5m platform, bringing her team good scores. For her last one, she tried the hardest one and succeeded, bursting into tears.

Uee said, “The faces of our members who tried so hard the past month popped up in my head and tears came up in memories. I think I teared up that I succeeded too.”

Internet users who saw this commented, “They must have worked really hard,” “The satisfying results of her tears,” and “She was so good at diving!”

Photo Credit: SBS

130726 After School Uee, Photo Shoot With VOGUE Korea

Written By Kim Regina on Friday, July 26, 2013 | 9:06 PM

Girl group After School’s member Uee revealed a seductive photo shoot.

Today, the fashion magazine VOGUE Korea released the photo shoot pictures held with Uee.

During the interview held with the photo shoot, Uee said, “People automatically think of clubs when they hear the word ‘pole’ but we call it ‘pole art.’ We chose a calm song because we thought that a fast song would make it club-like with our pole dance.”

She continued, “We easily agreed to do it because we thought it would be easy but at first, it hurt so much that it felt like our skin was being ripped apart. I even felt like crying when I didn’t have much time to practice because of drama filming. But after trying consistently, moves that I couldn’t do before worked and I fell in love with the charm of pole art.”

Photo Credit: VOGUE Korea

130724 After School Lizzy Reveals Dyed Hair, Orange To Match the Summer

Written By Kim Regina on Thursday, July 25, 2013 | 3:14 AM

After School’s member Lizzy revealed her dyed hair color.

Today, Lizzy posted on her Twitter, “Yesterday!!! I took it while waiting in the car. You probably can’t tell here but if you see it in person, you can tell. I dyed my hair” along with a picture.

In the picture, Lizzy is wearing a see-through top with her hair brushed to one side. The orange wavy hair added onto her sexy charm.

Internet users who saw this commented, “You’re getting prettier,” “I love both of your face and your personality,” “Your hair color matches the summer well,” and “You did your eyebrows too?”

Photo Credit: Lizzy Twitter

130724 Kahi Reveals Stable Acting Skills Through SNS Drama

Singer Kahi revealed improved acting skills through the SNS drama “Because We Haven’t Broken Up Yet.”

In the drama “Because We Haven’t Broken Up Yet” that has been released today through the website Naver TV Cast, Kahi took the role of doctor Shim Jae Hee, showing acting skills of one who is sweetly in love to one who is hurting after losing a loved one.

Jae Hee in the drama loses her love Lee Sun Ho through an unfortunate accident and portrays the broken heart of one who loses her loved one. As she looks back into her happy memories, she also accurately portrayed one who is deeply in love.

The drama “Because We Haven’t Broken Up Yet” is a new type of drama that will be shown in an SNS environment through YouTube, Facebook, and portal websites. It started airing yesterday and will be aired one episode per day until July 26.

Photo Credit: Naver

130723 After School’s Raina & Hello Venus’ Yoo Ara sing “First Love” & “Ah” on MBC Picnic

Written By Kim Regina on Tuesday, July 23, 2013 | 9:48 PM

After School and Hello Venus’ main vocalist Raina and Yoo Ara show off their amazing vocals on MBC Picnic.

Besides covering After School’s hit songs such as “Ah” and “First Love”, they sing “Bobbed Hair” on the show as well, enjoy their performance below.

130720 Orange Caramel, ‘Enjoying Work As If We’re Playing’

Written By Kim Regina on Monday, July 22, 2013 | 2:09 AM

Girl group After School’s unit group Orange Caramel revealed that working should be enjoyed as if they’re playing.

Orange Caramel recently held a photo shoot with the fashion magazine COSMOPOLITAN. During the interview, the members said, “We spend work hours joyfully as if we’re playing. We made a vacation book because going on trips with members would be fun.”

Orange Caramel held the photo shoot with the concept of vacation spot. They made jokes at each other and talked whenever they got the chance, really enjoying their work as if they were on a vacation with their friends.


130721 After School KaEun shares her ’′ selca!

After School KaEun shares adorable and pretty set of her fresh selcas on her twitter account. In her “♥” selca, she looks charming and cute at the same time wearing a simple gray sleeveless shirt.

130718 After School Nana’s Good Girl vs. Bad Girl Make-Up

Written By Kim Regina on Thursday, July 18, 2013 | 9:40 PM

After School’s Nana proves once more that she can be comfortable in any look.

This week’s episode of OnStyle channel’s “Get It Beauty Self” will show how to maximize your make-up by Nana’s very own techniques. Using only one set of make-up, she will guide you on how to pull off both “good girl” and “bad girl” concepts.

During filming, professional make-up artists on set were said to be extra impressed with her skills. It was revealed that she has a professional license in make-up artistry.

In the meantime, Nana has recently published a book titled “Youth Trip,” which charts her summer adventures, with the rest of Orange Caramel members, Rainaand Lizzy.

130717 Kahi and Newly Discharged Lee Wan Cast for Upcoming SNS Drama

A new and coming SNS drama is in the works and the two leading roles have been confirmed as Kahi and Lee Wan.

The drama is called “Because We Haven’t Broken Up Yet” (working title) and is also being called “Ah. Hae. Ddae,” as a shortened version of the Korea title (much like2PM‘s “Ha. Ni. Bbun“).

“Ah. Hae. Ddae” will air through various portal sites, YouTube, Facebook and other SNS outlets. It is a high quality production drama about the romance among five men and women, set in the lovely island of Jeju.

Kahi will play the role of Shim Jae Hee, who is a doctor. Shim Jae Hee loses her lover in the past and has trouble opening up to others, especially her junior Kim In Chul (played by Lee Wan), who has a crush on her.

“Ah. Hae. Ddae” will be Lee Wan’s comeback project after his recent discharge from the military.

This six episode, omnibus style drama will air on July 22.

130717 After School Uee-Jooyeon, Cute Self-Camera in Waiting Room

Written By Kim Regina on Wednesday, July 17, 2013 | 5:07 AM

Group After School’s members Uee and Jooyeon showed off their cute charms.

Today, After School’s agency revealed pictures of Uee and Jooyeon taking pictures on their phone during their Hong Kong fan meeting.

In the pictures, Uee and Jooyeon have their faces next to each other, sticking their lips out at the camera. They’re wearing matching white vests and striped pants, making them look like twins.

Internet users who saw this commented, “Both of them have been getting so pretty these days,” “After School members look so close with each other, it’s great to see!,” etc.

Photo Credit: StarN

130715 After School’s Gaeun shows off her pole dancing skills in practice video

Written By Kim Regina on Tuesday, July 16, 2013 | 4:16 AM

After School’s Kaeun shows off her pole dancing skills in practice video, kindly have a look at the video below.

Are you impressed with her skills?

130627 Kahi Says 4minute’s Hyuna Still has Years to Catch Up to Her Dance Skills

Written By Kim Regina on Sunday, July 14, 2013 | 10:01 PM

As one of the best dancers in the Kpop industry, Kahi said that 4minute’s Hyuna still have years before she can be as good as Kahi.

On June 26’s broadcast of MBC’s Radio Star, Kahi was asked which female idol is doing the best these days.

Kahi talked a bit about After School’s Uee, Nana, and Lizzy, before moving onto Hyuna.

Soon after, Kahi added that for Hyuna to dance that well at such a young age, it’s still very impressive.

Following the broadcast, Kahi tweeted, “Hyuna, you know unnie loves you right? Ha.”

130621 After School′s Lizzy Shines on ′Wide′ Despite Injury

Despite nursing an ankle injury, After School′s bubbly Lizzy brought smiles to CJ E&M′s Open Studio with her fellow members on June 20.

130621 After School Takes Over ′Wide′

The girls of After School took over CJ E&M′s Open Studio on June 20 to talk about its comeback track First Love and its sexy pole dancing concept.

130621 After School′s Uee Hangs Around ′Wide′

After School′s Uee showed off her many talents when the girl group stopped by CJ E&M′s Open Studio on June 20.


130621 After School′s Jung-A Teaches Pole Dancing on ′Wide′

After School stopped by CJ E&M′s Open Studio on June 20, before taking the stage on Mnet′s M COUNTDOWN with new single First Love, where member Jung-A showed off her pole dancing skills.

130621 After School′s Juyeon is Rocker Cute on ′Wide′

After School′s Juyeon was all smiles when she and her members showed up to CJ E&M′s Open Studio on June 20.

130703 After School′s Juyeon Models in Lingerie in Japan

After School member Juyeon will be putting her height and slim body to good use as the model for the Japanese lingerie brand Maruco.

On July 2, it was announced through After School′s official Japanese website that "Juyeon shot a Japanese lingerie commercial alone."

She is the first member to shoot a solo commercial in the group.

The commercial will show her walking proudly in lingerie, with the caption, ′What makes a girl beautiful is not the man; it′s the lingerie.′

Juyeon said after the shoot, "I was nervous because it was my first commercial alone, but I was able to have fun thanks to the friendly staff."

After School is currently promoting its new song First Love.

130714 Orange Caramel Travels Documented in Their New Book, ‘Youth Travel’

According to TV Report, female Kpop trio Orange Caramel hosted a publication meeting for their travel book, “Youth Travel” at the Seoul Fine Arts Theater where 130 lucky participants who were chosen at random through lottery attented the event.

Many of the fans who were included were from all parts of the world, like China, Japan, and Thailand, all ready and willing to show their devotion, love, and support for the girl group and their new book. In addition, more proof of the book’s popularity was made clear when 500 fans waited in line for the book as it was released in a large book store. The sales were exemplary.

The book, “Youth Travel” features places in South Korea like Seoul, Jeolla, and Jeonju, where the members wrote vibrant and memorable essays filled with reasons as to why these places are worth travelling to. The message of the travel book is not only to showcase the beauty of the places featured, but to also find joy and beauty in the smallest things. The fans were very happy to hear about the places fromt he perpective fo the three members, and I suppose that is one of the main reasons why the travel book have become such a hit.

Youth Travel is available for purchase in bookstores such as YES24, Bandi and Lunis Bookstore, and Kyobo Books.

130711 After School Nana and Reina Go On a Trip to Junju Together

Written By Kim Regina on Wednesday, July 10, 2013 | 11:23 PM

Girl group After School’s members Nana and Reina revealed pictures taken during their trip to Junju city.

Today, Nana posted on her Me2day, “Us on our prime time trip! At Junju” along with two pictures.

In the pictures, Nana and Reina are wearing crop tees to match the hot weather, looking at the camera.They are holding a big plastic packet that has a drink in it, showing off their cute charms.

Internet users who saw this commented, “Wow, so pretty,” “Take me too!,” and “Junju must have went crazy.”

Photo Credit: Nana Me2day

130707 After School Uee-Gaeun, Cute Self-Camera Photo Together

Written By Kim Regina on Sunday, July 7, 2013 | 10:19 PM

Girl group After School’s members Uee and Gaeun revealed a cute self-camera photo.

Today, Gaeun posted on her Twitter, “Taken in Hong Kong” along with a picture.

In the picture, Uee and Gaeun made various cute poses at the camera.

Internet users who saw this commented, “Uee and Gaeun are so pretty,” “So cute,” and “I like seeing Gaeun with her hair down.”

After School is currently working with their new song “First Love.”

Photo Credit: Gaeun Twitter

130704 After School Gaeun, Self-Camera on Bed ‘Milk-Like Skin’

Written By Kim Regina on Friday, July 5, 2013 | 5:30 AM

Group After School’s member Gaeun revealed a self-camera photo taken on her bed.

Today, Gaeun posted through her agency Pledis a self-camera photo on her bed.

In the picture, unlike the sexiness she shows on stage, Gaeun is revealing her cute charm with clear skin.

Internet users who saw this commented, “She gets more and more attractive the more you look at her,” “So pretty,” etc.

Photo Credit: Pledis

130702 After School Successfully Finishes Hong Kong Fan Meeting with 1,000 Fans

Written By Kim Regina on Wednesday, July 3, 2013 | 1:00 AM

According to their agency, After School spent around 3 hours with their fans and had a memorable time.

At this fan meeting, After School met with 1,000 fans after seeing that fans were excited for their activities in Hong Kong. They held this fan meeting as a way to express their gratitude to their fans.

They performed their new song, “First Love” and had photo time with their fans. They also answered questions asked by the fans as well.

At this fan meeting, After School performed their new song without the pole dancing and they received a positive response from their fans.

After School also plans to promote in Japan soon as well.

After School will finish up their interviews and other promotions in Hong Kong and return to Korea.

130629 After School Jungah Shows Off Clear Abs

Written By Kim Regina on Tuesday, July 2, 2013 | 3:50 AM

Group After School’s Jungah revealed her fit body built through their pole dance.

Today, Jungah posted on her Twitter, “My abs that were built through pole art. I hope I maintain it well. I want to go to the pool” along with a picture.

In the picture, Jungah is wearing a crop tee that revealed her fit stomach with abs.

Internet users who saw this commented, “Pole dance must really help body building,” “Perfect abs,” etc.

After School is currently working with their new song “First Love” that involves pole dance as their choreography.

Photo Credit: Jungah Twitter

130701 After School releases "First Love" choreography practice

On June 30th, After School released their choreography practice video for their hit track “First Love.”

After School released their 6th single “First Love” nearly 3 weeks ago, and has been gaining a lot of attention for their amazing dance pole choreography, beautifully portrayed by the group’s members after months of bruises and cuts.

The video cuts between the four dance poles, as well as another area of the practice room, focusing on the chorus’ choreography.

Making the practice video even more unique is After School’s comments, with Juyeon and Jungah doing most of the talking. The end of the video features blooper scenes from Jungah, who kept slipping down the pole before officially recording.

Source: pledisartist

130701 After School to Wrap Up ‘First Love’ Activities without Member Lizzy

After School will be wrapping up their “First Love” promotions without member Lizzy.

Lizzy, who had an injury during their choreography practice, will not be able to perform on stage with the group.

Although her cast has come off, she is not strong enough yet to walk or perform the intense dance moves of their new song.

On the other hand, member Nana who injured herself is now back in good condition and will be able to perform with the group.

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