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130430 After School draws in crowds in Japan and China with ‘MIXXO’

Written By Kim Regina on Tuesday, April 30, 2013 | 12:35 AM

After School met with fans in Japan and China for the SPA brand ‘MIXXO‘!

The ladies went over to Shanghai on the 27th for the opening of the first ‘MIXXO’ store in China. Though they never officially promoted in China, over 1,000 fans gathered to see them, and Chinese media had a battle to cover the event.

After School became one-day managers for the event and met face-to-face with their fans. Their fan service delighted the crowd, the same as it did when After School attended the opening events in Korea and Japan.

‘MIXXO’ stated, “The global brand ‘MIXXO’ and After School’s image go well together.We predict that with their combined energy, they’ll widen the brand’s global market.”

Currently, After School is working on a comeback album.

130430 Kahi Makes a Beautiful Blushing Bride

Written By Kim Regina on Monday, April 29, 2013 | 9:30 PM

On April 26, Kahi updated her blog with pictures from her wedding photo shoot along with Son Dam Bi and Son Ho Young for MBC‘s “Beautiful Days.” She wrote, “I heard that this bouquet was arranged by a famous florist, who was also in charge of the floral arrangements for ‘Sexy and the City‘ as well as ‘Gossip Girl.’” She added, “It seems like everyone is getting married these days.”

In the photos, Kahi can be seen posing next to a beautiful bouquet of white flours. She is sitting in a chair perfect for enhancing the romantic elements of the dress. In the final photo, Son Dam Bi, Kahi, and Son Ho Young can be seen making comical poses for a silly photo.

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “Kahi, you look like an angel!” “Too pretty!” and “You look breathtaking in that dress!”

130429 Uee, Self-Radiating Skin and Beauty Even Right After Sleep

uee naked face

Uee’s naked face was revealed.

In SBS “Barefeet Friends” aired today, Uee and other cast members left for Vietnam.

On this day, after making Vietnamese food, they sold it to earn lodging fee. Uee’s team was able to sleep at an inn with the money they earned.

The next day, all members right after they had woken up from sleep were revealed. Even though Uee had just woken up, she revealed clear skin and self-radiating beauty, impressing many.

Photo Credit: SBS

130428 After School’s Lizzy says goodnight to fans in China

Written By Kim Regina on Sunday, April 28, 2013 | 10:38 PM

Nana isn’t the only gorgeous member in After School! Lizzy also left fans in awe at her natural beauty in a recent selca.

Lizzy updated fans on her Twitter, “I’m in China. Sleep well everyone. Goodnight”, and gave fans a beautiful selca of her getting ready for bed in a white tank top and glowing in her bright, red hairstyle. She just keeps getting prettier!

After School is currently gearing up for their comeback this May with hit-making producer Brave Brothers!

130428 Kahi updates her blog with photos from a bar

Recently, we reported that former After School member Kahi had opened up her own blog. It seems that she has decided to keep updating it regularly, as she has already pushed out several updates!

“After going to the wedding today, a small meeting~~!” she posted. “This is a dining lounge bar, which is apparently very popular right now.”

The photos show off a chic and vibrant club atmosphere, with her holding a drink in her hand and smiling happily at the camera. “The chef here is supposed to be very good,” she said. “I’ll come here next time for dinner….. dieting is hard..”

130426 After School’s Nana is a flawless beauty in a simple white t-shirt

Written By Kim Regina on Friday, April 26, 2013 | 10:08 PM

After School‘s Nana is simply gorgeous evidenced in her latest selca.

The beautiful Nana updated fans on her me2day, “Surprise! It’s been a long time”, along with a gorgeous selca proving that she can pull off anything, even a simple white t-shirt, as she radiates with her beauty and milky skin.

Fans were left in awe and commented, “So pretty~!”, “Nana hasn’t been on me2day in a while and she came back prettier than ever”, and “Her innocent charms are so overwhelming.”

After School is currently putting the finishing touches for their comeback this May according to music industry insiders with hit-making producer Brave Brothers!

130427 Orange Caramel and 10cm Team Up for New Version of "Hug Me"

According to several sources, Orange Caramel and 10cm will release a collaborative album together in mid-May. The two teams came together for “Re;code” project, which brings together underground and mainstreamartists to create a new paradigm of trend in music.

Orange Caramel and 10cm recently finished recording 10cm’s “Hug Me” together. The original song was released in 2011 and it repeats vocal Kwon Jung Ryul‘s whiney and yet endearing voice singing “Hug me, hug me, hug me, I said hug me.”

Since Orange Caramel and 10cm have such different styles, many fans are expecting to see something new in their collaborative work together. Orange Caramel’s garnered much attention with their young, cute, and lively candy-culture concept and 10cm is known for their sexual and sensual vocals.

“Re;code” project previously garnered much attention with the collaboration of hip hop duo Geeks and SISTAR‘s So You in “Officially Missing You, Too.” Also, Infinite‘sWoo Hyun worked with singer-songwriter Lucia and Day Break and Sunny Hill came together for this project.

130424 Uee Shows Off Her Body for H:CONNECT

Written By Kim Regina on Wednesday, April 24, 2013 | 10:02 PM

After School’s Uee recently appeared in a summer photoshoot for H:CONNECT. In the photoshoot she showed off her skinny bodyline, which signaled the return of one of the most beautiful K-Pop goddesses.

Uee’s photoshoot was quite interesting. In each picture, she is shown with different attire, but the background is the same. Usually, you will see photoshoots with blank backgrounds or different backgrounds. However, in this background, is a block that is introducing H:CONNECT with the words “H: Connecting to the Edge of Fashion.”

H:CONNECT is a stylish and modern contemporary SPA brand. (Specialty retailer of private label apparel, such as UNIQLO, ZARA, H&M, and The Gap) On May 3, H:CONNECT opened their first large flagship store in Gangnam. This marked their beginning as an SPA brand.


130423 Son Dam Bi and Kahi are two brides with only one groom?

Written By Kim Regina on Tuesday, April 23, 2013 | 7:02 PM

Son Dam Bi and Kahi became lovely brides for an upcoming episode of MBC Music‘s ’Son Dam Bi’s Beautiful Days‘, but the problem was they only had one groom, Chae Han Suk.

Son Dam Bi shared on her Instagram, “Watch the live broadcast ^^,” and grabbed her fans’ attention with a snapshot of the two Pledis labelmates showing their charisma in wedding dresses, while Chae Han Suk is seen looking dashing in his tuxedo. Fans are guessing that the upcoming episode of the show will feature fashion tips for brides and grooms.

Fans commented, “What’s going on? I better watch the live broadcast,” “All three of them look great,” and “They are goddesses.”

Find out what this is all about on ‘Son Dam Bi’s Beautiful Days’ on Thursdays at 12AM KST!

130423 Kahi looks gorgeous in a wedding dress

Kahi looked stunningly beautiful in a wedding dress.

Son Dam Bi and Kahi became lovely brides for an upcoming episode of their MBC Music program, ’Son Dam Bi’s Beautiful Days‘.

Son Dam Bi had previously shared a photo with herself, Kahi, and Chae Han Suk in wedding attire. In the photo, the trio had struck mischievous poses, but Kahi decided to go for the image of a goddess-like bride for a solo photo. She tweeted the photo onto her Twitter and wrote, “Am I pretty~? ^^ This week on ‘Beautiful Days’, we’re going to experience a wedding~ I think all brides are so beautiful!!”

While sitting in a thrown like chair, she smiled happily at the camera, holding a bouquet of white roses.

Whoever she marries in the future will be a very lucky groom.

130422 After School and Son Dam Bi personally present fans with gifts at MIXXO event

Written By Kim Regina on Sunday, April 21, 2013 | 8:14 PM

After School and Son Dam Bi‘s Gangnam event with MIXXO was met with an explosive response!

The ladies came to the renewal event for the Gangnam MIXXO store to meet their fans. So many fans gathered in one place that there was chaos at the branch. First, Son Dam Bi held an event where she sold a bag worth 100,000 KRW (approximately 90 USD) for 9,900 KRW (approximately 9 USD) to the first 30 customers. After that, the After School members came out into the store themselves to help customers.

The ladies handed fans presents themselves and autographed each one of them. Since they don’t have that many chances to meet their fans, both After School and Son Dam Bi never lost their smile throughout the day.

MIXXO is planning to have various pro

130420 After School’s Nana and actor Jung Gyeo Woon to feature as narrators in Hello Venus’ new album

Written By Kim Regina on Saturday, April 20, 2013 | 1:09 AM

Hello Venus recently confirmed their comeback for this May, and actor Jung Gyeo Woon and After School‘s Nana have been revealed to be featured as narrators in their new album.

Hello Venus shared a friendly snapshot taken with the handsome actor at the recording studio on their official Twitter, leaving fans to speculate about a possible collaboration. Well, the fans were right and Hello Venus’ agency confirmed, “Hello Venus’ third mini-album ‘Do You Want Some Tea‘ to be released on May 2nd features a total of four tracks. One of the tracks titled ‘For A Moment‘ features a narration by actor Jung Gyeo Woon and After School’s Nana.”

Their maknae Yooyoung first met Jung Gyeo Woon while filming their drama ‘Wonderful Mama‘, and Jung Gyeo Woon revealed himself to be a fan of the group. They then decided on a collaboration. Although this was Jung Gyeo Woon’s first time in the studio, the staff gave him a round of applause after his successful recording.

Listen to the narration on Hello Venus’ third mini album ‘So You Want Some Tea’ when it is released on May 2nd!

130418 Unedited photos of UEE in hot pink yoga pants leave netizens in awe

Written By Kim Regina on Thursday, April 18, 2013 | 5:50 AM

Unedited photos of After School‘s UEE in hot pink yoga pants have left netizens in awe!

Originally, only one photo had been released from UEE’s new CF set, but more photos of her incredible figure are now out. The photos are completely unedited, and even though the idol star is wearing tight exercise clothes, her body looks absolutely flawless.

She’s definitely the epitome of ‘healthy beauty’, smiling brightly and working out in front of a mirror.

Her CF will start airing in May!

130417 After School Jungah Reveals Her Cute Charm Through Self-Camera Photo

Girl group After School’s Jungah revealed a cute self-camera photo.

Today, Jungah posted on her Twitter, “Let’s spend a day full of laughs and dreams” along with a picture of herself.

In the picture, Jungah is wearing big glasses and a casual outfit, with her hair neatly put down. She also made a V with her fingers, making cute facial expressions at the camera.

Internet users who saw this commented, “Jungah, no wonder she got in a scandal rumor with a younger guy,” “So pretty,” etc.

Jungah had been surrounded by dating scandals with group SHINee’s Onew on the 25th of last month.

Photo Credit: Jungah Twitter

130417 Lizzy sports ponytails before After School’s comeback

After School‘s Lizzy is known for her cute charms, and fans couldn’t get enough of her adorable ponytails.

Lizzy updated fans on her Twitter with the message, “Oohhehehe Is everyone doing well?_? kekeke I look like a prankster, right, oohhehehe,” along with a snapshot of her smiling to fans. The Orange Caramel member is wearing a short-sleeve knit and cap as well as her cute ponytails.

Fans commented, “She is getting prettier,” “Lizzy looks best with her youthful, vivid style,” and “When is After School making a comeback?”

Luckily for fans, After School will be teaming up with hitmaking producer Brave Brothers for their comeback next month according to music industry insiders!

Tip: 4evapledis

130412 After School UEE’s toned figure leaves netizens in awe

Written By Kim Regina on Friday, April 12, 2013 | 2:40 AM

After School‘s UEE, who recently celebrated her 25th birthday, seems to only get prettier with age.

The idol was spotted on the set of an advertisement, and her photo has left fans in awe over her toned figure and perfect proportions. Her pink and white training outfit highlighted how fit she became during her hiatus, and fans are even more excited than ever for her group’s comeback.

Netizens commented, “During After School’s hiatus, UEE seems to have worked out even harder,” “She looks like a goddess,” and “Let us know your health secrets.”

After School will be teaming up with hit-making producer Brave Brothers for their comeback this May.

130412 After School Uee’s Birthday Photo

Written By Kim Regina on Thursday, April 11, 2013 | 9:35 PM

After School’s Uee posted a photo of her birthday cake.

On April 10, Uee put up a photo of her birthday cake and herself on MeToday and commented, “Hehe. I arrived to work for some CF filming yesterday and look what was waiting for me. Thank you for the surprise and the warm birthday wishes from everyone yesterday. I thank every one of you.”

With Uee’s birthday on April 9, the cute photo of her holding a strawberry birthday cake with puckered lips welcomed belated birthday wishes from fans.

Internet users responded, “Uee is getting prettier by day” “I want a cake, too”

Meanwhile, After School is in full swing in preparation for their next album.

130411 Uee Celebrates Birthday!

I like to wish After School’s Uee a happy belated birthday! Uee recently posted a picture of herself celebrating her birthday, with a birthday cake that looks almost as sweet as her!

On April 10, Uee posted on her me2day, “Hehe. I came because of an advertisement shooting and they gave me a birthday cake. Thank you for everybody who has given me birthday wishes yesterday and tomorrow. I will become a Uee that tries even harder.” (Uee’s birthday was on April 9!)

In the picture, Uee is shown taking a break from her advertisement shooting. She looks very happy and is showing the camera her birthday cake. Uee looks beautiful as ever!

Currently After School is hard at work for their next album.

130409 Happy Birthday After School’s Uee Turns 25

Written By Kim Regina on Monday, April 8, 2013 | 10:30 PM

After winning fans over through the small screen, Uee′s already busy life will pick up speed as she is set to appear on Kang Ho Dong′s new variety show.

But in the meantime, we′re congratulating the star on hitting another milestone through a series of photos!

No, that′s not Wonder Girls′ Sohee, that′s little Uee.

It′s Uee on a stamp!

Before she was Uee, she was star swimmer Kim You Jin.

But we knew her better as Wonder Girls′ Yubin′s BFF.

From a Plain Jane…

To va-va-voom.

Real-life Barbie Uee poses with her doll version.

Happy birthday Uee!

Photo credit: Online community

130403 After School’s Uee Greeted By A Throng of 1,000 Fans At Taiwan Clothing Store Fan Meeting

Written By Kim Regina on Tuesday, April 2, 2013 | 10:43 PM

After School’s Uee had her first ever solo fan meeting in Taiwan on Sunday and received a warm welcome from over 1,000 fans.

The fan meeting took place at the H:CONNECT store in Ximending, Taiwan where she met with fans, posed for pictures, and signed autographs.

Last year it was announced that the idol star had been chosen as the new spokeswoman and model for the clothing brand which is popular throughout Taiwan and China as well as Korea.

For the day, Uee acted as the manager of the clothing store and greeted fans by speaking Chinese, much to their delight.

Aside from modeling and singing, the After School idol is also popular in Taiwan for her acting roles.Her recently aired drama You’re Beautiful was extremely successful in the country, as was her show Ojakgyo Brothers.

Uee’s solo fan fashion meeting comes after a successful event in Taiwan with her fellow After School group mates.The girl group’s fan meeting also served as a charity event and all the proceeds from the ticket sales went to serve children in need.

These latest stops in Taiwan have also been a jumping off point for the ladies to start promotions for their comeback expected sometime this spring.With so much love shown for Uee and After School this past weekend, we can be sure they will soon return to the country to perform after the release of their next album.

130402 UEE steps down from her MC position on ‘Music Bank’

UEE has stepped down from her long-running MC position on ‘Music Bank‘.

UEE’s camp confirmed on the 2nd, “UEE has left KBS 2TV’s ‘Music Bank’ and held her final broadcast on March 29th. UEE is also very sad about her leave. She apologizes for leaving without a farewell greeting.”

Although the upcoming April 5th broadcast was originally supposed to be her final broadcast, UEE’s overseas schedules made it impossible for her to give her farewell greeting to viewers this week, and thus, ended her run earlier than expected.

Lee Jang Woo is also said to be leaving the show as well, but it is not clear which will be his last episode.

For the time being, UEE will be focusing on After School‘s upcoming comeback, which is said to be in May!

130402 After School’s Uee Exits ‘Music Bank’ Without a Good Bye

After a year and three months introducing singers to the stage, After School’s Uee has exited from KBS’ Music Bank as the host.

On April 2, Pledis Entertainment stated that Uee has left the music program.

It was already decided that Uee would leave the show on April 5 with the show going under reformatting for the spring in April,” said Pledis. “But due to a sudden schedule overseas, Uee ended up leaving the show a week early, making her March 29 appearance her last on the show.”

The company said that Uee was sad and apologetic that she wasn’t able to end things with a proper good bye. She promised fans to meet them soon with After School’s upcoming album.

Photo Credit: Pledis Entertainment

130402 Kahi Reveals Diet Meal Plan “I Will Become Skinny”

Group After School’s past member Kahi revealed her diet meal plan.

Today, Kahi posted on her Twitter, “I am slowly becoming in need of a diet. I will eat healthy food and become skinny” and “Energy up, energy up. Energy up with yogurt” along with a picture.

In the two pictures, Kahi is posing with a cup of yogurt, vegetables, and fruit. Even though she’s not wearing any makeup in the picture, her clear skin revealed that she has been taking good care of herself as a top star. She also revealed determination to lose weight even though she already has a superior body.

Internet users who saw this commented, “I don’t think you need one,” “You’re so pretty,” “Your skin is so nice,” and “You make me want to go on a diet too.”

Photo Credit: Kahi Twitter

130402 ElectroBoyz’ “Ma Boy 3″ feat. Nana rises up real-time search engines

After its release on the 2nd KST, Electroboyz‘ “Ma Boy 3” featuring After School‘s Nana has already risen up real-time search engines.

The MV features actress Bahn So Young and 1KYNE as a couple in love with their dates on the street, in the club, and at home. The song has topped real-time search engines, and it’s now making its way up music charts.

Check out the “Ma Boy 3″ MV if you haven’t done so already!

130329 After School’s Nana to Sing ‘Ma Boy 3’ with Electroboyz

On March 29, Electroboyz revealed the myserious featured artist to be Nana through its homepage and twitter. The song, Ma Boy 3 will complete the Ma Boy series and will be revealed on April 2.

The upcoming album, In Love will include a total of nine tracks.

Photo Credit: Pledis Entertainment

130402 Over 1,000 fans gather to catch a glimpse of UEE at her fan meeting in Taiwan

On March 31st, After School‘s UEE drew in over 1000 fans who gathered at her fan meeting in Ximending, Taiwan for her SPA‘s H:CONNECT‘.

UEE has been receiving enormous popularity in Taiwan for her role in the dramas ‘You’re Beautiful‘ and ‘Ojakgyo Brothers‘. She met fans as the manager of the store for one day and showed fan service by saying, “I love you all,” in Taiwanese.

Taiwanese fans were also able to see UEE and After School at their first fan meeting in Taiwan. After School is currently gearing up for her comeback, so stay tuned for more details!

130331 After School’s Nana turns heads with her stunning airport fashion

Before Nana became an After School member, she used to be a supermodel and fans have become mesmerized once again by her model-like figure and fashion sense.

The photo was uploaded onto an online community site entitled, “Nana’s model pose at the airport”, and shows Nana showing off her 9-head proportions through her fitted trench coat and lace skirt.

Fans commented, “Nana is a walking goddess”, “Nana’s fashion sense “, and “What is she not lacking in visuals?”

After School recently held their fan meeting in Taiwan on the 30th and are currently preparing for their comeback this April! Nana was also previously revealed to be the mystery female singer in ElectroBoyz upcoming single “Ma Boy 3” to be released on April 2nd!

Tip: Tree

130401 After School’s Lizzy shows off overflowing cuteness in new BTS clip for ‘Kiss Me’

Written By Kim Regina on Monday, April 1, 2013 | 11:18 PM

After School‘s Lizzy showed off her cute charms in another Spring pictorial for makeup brand ‘Kiss Me‘.

If you haven’t gotten enough of those charms, Kiss Me has released behind-the-scenes footage taken during the photo shoot. Lizzy is seen in multiple outfits, with a cheerful and happy demeanor. She tirelessly winks and adjusts her facial expressions convey the freshness of Spring.

Lizzy is currently starring in the drama ‘Rascal Sons‘ and will continue to promote with her sub-unit Orange Caramel in Japan.

130401 After School holds their first Taiwanese fan meeting

After School had their first fan meeting in Taiwan while also helping out a good cause!

The ladies held the event at ‘ATT 4 FUN‘, and despite it being a pretty large venue, fans quickly filled it up to show their love for the gorgeous ladies of After School. This meeting was also held as a charity event with the proceeds from the ticket sales going to children in need.

So with this significance in mind, the ladies promised to work even harder for the fans who came to see them. The group performed “Flashback“, “Bang!“, “Diva“, and other hits, to the fervent support of their Taiwanese fans, who prepared a surprise 4-year anniversary video for the group.

The members also called the fans on stage to play games and grant their wishes to make this event even more fun, and shook hands with them to express their gratitude.

After School is said to be preparing for their comeback album, so it seems fans all over the globe have more to look forward to!

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