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140825 Nana confesses she forgets her phone 10 times a day

Written By Kim Regina on Tuesday, August 26, 2014 | 12:42 AM

Nana reveals to be a forgetful person in a recent radio.

Orange Caramel made their guest appearance on SBS Power FM “Choi Hwa Jung”s Power Time” radio on August 25th. During the radio, Nana was pointed out as the most forgetful member.

She said,”It”s a really serious problem, I lose my phones for more than 10 times a day. I can”t remember the place I put it”. She continued,”The behavior is like old mother. Once I even put my phone in the refrigerator, I tried to search for it all day but couldn”t find it, then I thought it might be in the refrigerator and it really was there”.

Orange Caramel also revealed it costs 800,000 won to make one piece of their costumes.

140820 Can You Spot Orange Caramel in “My Copycat?”

Written By Kim Regina on Thursday, August 21, 2014 | 4:19 AM

Creativity is never absent in an Orange Caramel release. They always seem to have a unique concept at hand, and this time it involves the ‘hidden catch’. How this works is at the top of some split framed scenes, the viewer sees a number. This is an enumeration of the amount of differences between the two on screen images. In this interactive MV, the girls have really outdone themselves with how much detail is packed into three and a half minutes. “My Copycat” is full of energy. Even with a great song, this scan and search video takes the cake for its inventiveness with many Easter eggs littered about the well put together series of images. Even if their original group After School isn’t putting out any new material, Orange Caramel seems to be making a bigger name for themselves these days. This is their second single of the year, and they may actually find even more esteem for this creative piece of work.

The game is simple. The girls each have their own solo scenes, but if you think you are seeing double, then you aren’t mistaken. The images are not mirrored or mere duplicates of one another. They are similar enough, but the viewer’s job is to spot the subtle differences (or not so subtle) that sprinkled about here and there. The scope and extreme attention to detail really flesh out how to make a simple concept exceptional. Things from shadows, animals, clothing, etc add to the fun.

At first listen, the song is reminiscent of “Lipstick.” The intro has a horn refrain punctuated with a 90s Eurodance beat that is an earworm. The song is the definition of an Orange Caramel release. They have carved out a signature sound with their history of releases. This fits in nicely among their cuter discography and their upbeat dance pop sound. The choruses include a stomp/clap lead up that is made to rouse an audience to get up and move. The lyrics are about a fed up person who tells their lover that love isn’t difficult. They tell their lover to follow them in expressing their love:

“Is love supposed to be this difficult?

Do it like me.

It’s not as hard as you think.”

The outfits in this video are also clever. The prints for each member’s individual scenes add a flair to colors of the MV and help to distinguish each member in their solo scenes. At one point, the clothing also becomes a detail that is different when the viewers are asked to spot the difference. Also, when they are together as a group, they wear a dress with an image of a woman’s figure wearing lingerie. They paired this with a very large pink feathered head wear. I am not entirely sure if they were trying to send a different message with this get up, but the image and headwear were a call to the can-can dancer which the song’s beat could also have derived from. In their clothing alone, they are able to express another way of copying that is layered within a video about spotting the difference among a variety of apparent copies of images.

Adding even more depth to this game is the major crowd scenes. There are two big ones where the text asks the audience to find Raina, Lizzy, and Nana. This happens firstly during an all orange outfitted scene. The video is zoomed out and there is a lot of folks scattered about all dressed in orange. I’m not sure if anyone did spot the girls because of how zoomed out the image is (if you did, leave a comment down below). When I first came to this part in the video, I immediately thought of the Where’s Waldo (also known as Where’s Wally?). To my surprise the homage to this concept is also present in the video in the next group scene where the text asks the viewers to find the girls. The girls and a massive group of people are all dressed in the iconic red striped shirt and blue pants. It’s a replica of the concept in video form, and it is a fun way to explore this idea of the copycat.

One last major element is the dance. It is catchy and interactive – something that has become a trait of the group. The chorus is simplistic, but the finger dance at the start was something I wouldn’t mind learning. The ladies make it look extremely fun to do and with the big group scenes, the dance takes on a life of its own. It becomes something easy for the masses to take up and dance to and looks fun to do. Also, I enjoyed the parts where Orange Caramel would integrate lyrics in their choreography. The push and pull section as well as the hand holding parts seem arbitrary at first, but as they are done in conjunction with the lyrics become more playful than first anticipated.

Orange Caramel have become one of my favorite groups with their last few releases. The combination of their unique characters, detailed videos, catchy songs, and fun performances have crafted a group that has become more novel than cliché. This latest video exceeded my expectations once again because of how much life their concepts can take. Every detail seems to serve a purpose in the MV. Even the animals (the chameleon was a nice touch) play a greater role than serving merely as a background prop. Overall, a catchy (if not familiar) song paired with a video that is clever, excellent, and full of fun things for fans and viewers to look out for.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Were you able to find all the differences during the split screens? Did you spot the celebrity cameos? Could you find Orange Caramel in the large crowd sequences?

(Pledis Entertainment, YouTube [1], Lyrics via Pop!gasa)

140820 Raina and Lizzy talk about Orange Caramel”s new concept + After School activities

Written By Kim Regina on Wednesday, August 20, 2014 | 2:06 AM

The girls have been gaining quite a bit of attention with their unique “Find Orange Caramel” concept for their album, which has been designed to be a more interactive game experience for fans as they have to look for the hidden members and scenes in the MV.

When asked about this unique idea, Raina said, “This album concept was not actually our own idea,” Lizzy added, “The MV director and others gave us far more superior ideas than we came up with. We are grateful they were able to create a lot of attention for us.”

As there have been an abundance of Orange Caramel activities but not so much from After School, DJ Kim Chang Ryul said, “It feels like After School is laying low.” Raina said in response, “I don”t think a new album for After School will come out this year unless a good song comes along. The After School unnis cheer on Orange Caramel”s promotions. They like that Orange Caramel release a lot of albums unlike other units. Jung Ah unni will also follow along with our song.”

140820 Orange Caramel Signs Agreement with DreamWorks for Use of “Where’s Waldo?”

In order to show a more unique performance, the three-member girl group Orange Caramel partnered up with the worldwide animation studio, DreamWorks.

Recently, the group released their fourth single, “My Copycat,” and has resumed their activities. Currently, the girls are preparing a performance that contains animated and game-like elements. They have included elements from “Where’s Waldo?” and “Spot the Difference.”

The group’s agency, Pledis Entertainment, informed that in order to use the “Where’s Waldo?” brand, they contacted Dreamworks. “Where’s Waldo?” is one of the classic character that belongs to Dreamworks and they have signed the agreement for it.

According to Pledis Entertainment, they said, “Since Orange Caramel is becoming popular, not only in Korea, but worldwide, we decided to do an official collaboration for their global promotion and to be an example of obtaining copyright.”

Orange Caramel released “My Copycat” on August 18 and will have their first performance on August 22 on KBS2’s “Music Bank.”

140816 Happy birthday to After School”s E-young

Stage Name: E-Young Birth Name: Noh Yiyoung Birthday: August 16, 1992Label: Pledis entertainment Group: After School/ After School Blue Joined group: 2011 Position: Vocalist Height: 167 cm Weight: 45 kg Star Sign: LeoTwitter: @Eyoung0816
- She can play the guitar, piano, cello, bass and drums among a few other instruments

140820 Happy birthday to After School”s Kaeun

Stage Name: Kaeun Birth Name: Lee Ga Eun Nickname: Bagel GirlBirthday: August 20, 1994 Label: Pledis entertainment Group: After SchoolPosition: Vocalist, Maknae Height: 168 cm Weight: 48 kg Blood Type: ABStar Sign: Leo Specialty: Japanese, Vocals

140812 Orange Caramel Shows Off Cutesy Dance Moves in “My Copycat” MV Teaser

Written By Kim Regina on Tuesday, August 12, 2014 | 10:58 PM

After School subunit Orange Caramel has released quite an unique teaser for their upcoming music video and comeback, “My Copycat“!

In the teaser, the members – Raina, Nana, and Lizzy – practice their dance movies in a studio-like setting. As a nursery-rhyme sounding theme plays in the background, the ladies prance around the room, jumping and dancing along to the cheerful music.

Orange Caramel is well-loved for their quirky concepts, and will each be donning a cartoon persona for their upcoming fourth single. “My Copycat” will be released on August 18

140813 Orange Caramel offers mini game “Where”s Orange Caramel” in MV teaser for “My Copycat”

The short clip shows a mini “orange” town with crowd wearing orange t-shirts. It has ticket cabin, phone booth, tent, and more.

It also serves as an interesting mini game for fans as they try to look for Nana, Raina, and Lizzy among the crowd. Try the game!

140807 Nana spotted competing on the upcoming Chinese fashion survival show “Muse Dress”

Written By Kim Regina on Saturday, August 9, 2014 | 2:55 AM

The normally happy-go-lucky Nana showed a more serious side for the upcoming Chinese fashion survival show “Muse Dress”!

Nana was seen hard at work in a still from the show”s Weibo and showed that she”s not called a fashionista for no reason with her surprising sewing skills.

According to her agency, Nana is also receiving love calls from China as an up and coming blue chip in endorsements.

“Muse Dress” is set to premiere on the 23rd!

140808 Orange Caramel Poses as Cleaning Ladies for New Teaser Image

Girl group Orange Caramel has released a group teaser photo ahead of the act’s forthcoming comeback with the release, “Do as I Do.”

The image, which may take some fans by surprise, shows the girls looking tired and wearing matching yellow aprons and white hair nets, while holding mops and brushes. It is certainly not the look that most supporters of the group would expect from the musical trio, but the girls have proved with their previous releases that they are capable of all sorts of quirky surprises, particularly with their outfits.

Individual images released earlier took a completely different tack, showing the girls smiling and posing with bananas and pink flamingoes against a colorful background.

“Do as I Do” will be released on August 18, and is the After School subunit’s first release since “Catallena,” which dropped in March this year.

140808 UEE faces cruel reality by cooking her friend Mary in “Laws of the Jungle”

The sole female member After School UEE has to experienced the cruel reality of survival at the very first night of her lone expedition.

As the night falls and hunger strikes upon UEE, she has left with no choice but to cook her only companion, a quail which she named Mary, that given to her by Kim Byung Man. During the broadcast, UEE has a sorrowful expression while cleaning and preparing Mary to be cooked.

Lying in front of her is a dead Mary, warm-hearted UEE commented, “Now you”re not my friend, but a quail,” expressing her sadness over her decision.

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