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131025 “Golden Rainbow” UEE and Kim Yoo-jeong

Written By Kim Regina on Wednesday, October 30, 2013 | 2:46 AM

After School UEE and kid actress Kim Yoo-jeong look very much alike.

Previews of the new MBC drama “Golden Rainbow” show look-alike shots of the whole cast including the two.

Pictures of UEE, Jeong Il-woo, Cha Ye-ryeon and Lee Jae-yoon-I were line up with the pictures of the little stars who would be playing them.

UEE is lined up with Kim Yoo-jeong, Jeong Il-woo with Oh Jae-moo, Cha Ye-ryeonwith Song Yoo-jeong and Lee Jae-yoon-I with Seo Yeong-joo-I.

In the roles of Baek Won, UEE and Kim Yoo-jeong look very much alike.

“Golden Rainbow” is the success story of seven orphan siblings and will be broadcasted in November after “Scandal”.

131026 After School rock winter fashion with style for ‘Mixxo’ Japan

After School members appear classy and sophisticated for their latest promo pictorial for F/W Collection of ‘Mixxo’ Japan.

Wearing complementing jackets and coats, partnered with boots, the girls are ready to heat the cold season with some touch of style.

Check the photos below:

131027 After School’s Jung Ah and Jooyeon Look Like Ladies for Singles Magazine

After School’s Jung Ah and Jooyeon did a ladies look-themed pictorial shoot for Singles magazine, in which they come off as both elegant and sexy.

Jung Ah and Jooyeon showed off dignified poses and confident eyes, displaying their matured charms in the pictures. Their beautiful, perfect figures will surely captivate the eyes of the beholder.

In one of Jooyeon and Jung Ah’s pictures together, the check-patterns and fur were key points that contributed to their feminine look. Jung Ah, especially, wore a one-piece dress with a deep V-line and revealing see-through mesh.

Jooyeon looked alluring dressed all in black, with her black figure-hugging velvet skirt, showing off her sleek figure in her individual picture. Her standout accessory was her pink handbag and its accompanying bag charm. With a look entirely different from her usual cute and innocent appearance, she put on a dark smoky look to give her eyes more intensity.

Jung Ah showed off her svelte body, donning a black lingerie top teamed with a thigh-high skirt and bright red heels. It nearly looked too provocative with that amount of body exposure, but the fur selendang (shawl) added a touch of elegance and irresistibility.

Jung Ah and Jooyeon’s pictorial will be available through the November edition of Singles magazine.

131028 Kahi, Halloween Self-Camera In Smokey Eye Makeup “Sexy Vampire”

kahi halloween self-camera

Singer Kahi revealed a Halloween self-camera photo.

Today, Kahi posted on her Instagram, “Happy Halloween!” along with a picture.

In the picture, Kahi is wearing dark smokey eye makeup with burgundy lipstick.

Internet users who saw this commented, “She’s so sexy,” “She looks like a guy,” and “A gorgeous vampire.”

Photo Credit: Kahi Instagram

131017 New Dramas That Features K-Pop Stars This Upcoming Year

Written By Kim Regina on Monday, October 21, 2013 | 9:24 PM

So there are new dramas that will feature K-Pop stars.Two dramas that will be released are “20′s Twenty-Years Old” and “Golden Rainbow.”

Golden Rainbow

For the MBC weekend drama which will begin airing on November, UEE might make her return to the small screen for this drama.

This is not yet confirmed; though if she does take the role, she will play the role as Baek Won who is the oldest of the orphans since the storyline is about the story of seven orphans who goes through hardships that has a bond that is much stronger than that of blood-related siblings.Other casts will be Kim Yoo Jung who will play as her child counterpart and Kim Sang Joong will be playing as her adoptive father.

20′s Twenty-Years-Old

BEAST’s Kikwang will star in the drama “20′s Twenty-Years-Old” which he will work with other actress Kyun Mi Ri’s second daughter Lee Da In who will be following her mother’s footsteps.

This drama will be a four-part Ultra HD mobile drama which Kikwang will suddenly appear in-front of fellow middle school alumnus Hae Rim and initiate a romance between the two.

The drama is looking to be trendy as well as exciting that will tell the lifestyle of those in their teens as well as twenties when it comes to romance.

Drama will be 100% produced using 4K which is Ultra HD for sharp as well as clear beautiful imagery.

Romance and fantasy will be the genre of this drama; though there will be a high amount of reality and the casts played in this will not change.Kikwang will play as a character that has a lovely and pure heart who tries to win the heart of his first love even though he is a idol star.

The drama is scheduled to be available through mobile services later this year.

When more information comes about the confirmed casts for these dramas, an article will be released.Stay tuned!

131020 Lizzy is glowing in simple white longsleeves

Lizzy updates her twitter with a simple yet pretty selca of her in white longsleeves.

On October 19, she wrote, “Today we went to Park Yoon Su sonsaengnim’s show BIG PARK~ All the clothes are so pretty and unique!! I want to get all of them…Rider Jacket Woohihihihihi…”

Note: Park Yoon Su is a designer and Pledis CEO’s father-in-law.

Source: Lizzy’s twitter

131004 After School Nana update Instagram Photos from Naver website

Written By Kim Regina on Tuesday, October 8, 2013 | 12:22 AM

Check out After School Nana update Instagram Photos from Naver website

131007 Kahi Releases ‘It’s Me’ MV Teaser Online

Written By Kim Regina on Monday, October 7, 2013 | 10:22 PM

Kahi Releases 'It's Me' MV Teaser Online

Singer Kahi released her new album teaser online.

Last week, she had released her mini album, Who are You?, teaser and music online and gained much attention from fans.

In today’s “It’s Me” teaser, she shows off her mannish vibes as she wears only an oversized black blazer.

She goes back and forth between mannish and sexy as she poses for the shoot.

Her agency stated that she had wanted to portray the artist side of her through this album.

Her album will release on October 10.

131001 Kahi Releases Title of Mini-Album and Teaser Photo

Written By Kim Regina on Tuesday, October 1, 2013 | 9:53 PM

So it was previously asked that past After School member Kahi asked the question “Who Are You?” when she revealed the title for her upcoming mini album.That answer to the question is……..”It’s ME!”That is right readers, this is Kahi’s answer.Not only did she give an answer but, she got her devoted fans ready for her grand solo return with a teaser photo of her going with a more natural look with less makeup; as well as going barefoot with a trench coat which gives off a mysterious feeling.

Pledis Entertainment stated, “Kahi actively participated in the entire album production, showing her capability as an artist.She who will return as a solo artist has a special story within the album.She will show her refreshingly, honest charms never-seen-before through the title track ‘It’s ME’.”

So along with all the other comebacks that were mentioned in an earlier article, Kahi will be also joining the group of idols that will make their return on the month of October!!These days, Kahi has been personally participating in the creation of her second mini album.

Kahi’s album is scheduled to be released on October 10th!!!

131001 After School Lizzy, Chops Off Her Long Hair

After School’s member Lizzy chopped off her long hair.

Yesterday, Lizzy posted on her Twitter, “Thank you for telling me that I look better with short hair. This was at the airport this morning” along with a picture.

In the picture, Lizzy had short hair instead of the long hair she always had. She was wearing a patterned shirt, posing for the camera at the airport.

Internet users who saw this commented, “The new hair looks good on her,” “Lizzy is so pretty,” etc.

Photo Credit: Lizzy Twitter

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